Steering Committee

Anne Trefethen (Chair) EPSRC
Ken Brodlie (Vice-chair) University of Leeds
Sheila Anderson Arts and Humanities Data Service
Susan Andrews National e-Science Centre
Malcolm Atkinson National e-Science Centre
Carol Becker EPSRC
Ann Borda JISC
John Brooke University of Manchester
Audrey Canning DTI
Simon Cox University of Southampton
Maia Dimitrova JISC
Jim Fleming EPSRC
Ned Garnett NERC
John C Gordon CCLRC - RAL
Mark Hayes University of Cambridge
David Ingram University College London
Anna Kenway e-Science Institute
Marta Kwiatkowska University of Birmingham
Andrew Martin University of Oxford
Alison McCall National e-Science Centre
Deborah Miller PPARC
Lelia O'Connell MRC
Ron Perrott Belfast e-Science Centre
Adam Staines BBSRC
David Walker Cardiff University
Paul Watson University of Newcastle

Programme Committee

Paul Watson (Chair) University of Newcastle
Jie Xu (Deputy Chair) University of Leeds
Robert Allan CCLRC Daresbury
Malcolm Atkinson National e-Science Centre
Jim Austin University of York
Dave Berry National e-Science Centre
Jon Blower
John Brooke University of Manchester
Kai Cheng Brunel University
Neil Chue Hong EPCC
Peter Clarke National e-Science Centre
Geoff Coulson University of Lancaster
Simon Cox University of Southampton
Peter Dew University of Leeds
Paul Donachy Queens University
Matthew Dovey Oxford e-Science Centre
Stuart Dunn King's College London
Alvaro Fernandes University of Manchester
Rob Gaizauskas University of Sheffield
James Gheel SAP
Ian Grimstead University of Cardiff
Mark Hayes University of Cambridge
Nick Holliman Durham University
Yan Huang University of Cardiff
Tom Jackson University of York
Stephen Jarvis University of Warwick
Marina Jirotka University of Oxford
John Kewley CCLRC Daresbury
Kerstin Kleese van Dam CCLRC Daresbury
Ewan Klein University of Edinburgh
Marta Kwiatkowska Birmingham University
Nik Looker University of Durham
Liz Lyon UKOLN
Bob Mann University of Edinburgh
Richard McClatchey
Steven McGough Imperial College
Luc Moreau University of Southampton
Peter Murray-Rust University of Cambridge
Dave Newbold CERN
Steven Newhouse OMII
Panos Periorellis University of Newcastle
Ron Perrott Queens University
Omer Rana University of Cardiff
Tom Rodden University of Nottingham
Lakshmi Sastry CCLRC RAL
Dimitra Simeonidou University of Essex
Richard Sinnott NeSC
Rob Smith University of Newcastle
Firat Tekiner University of Manchester
Georgios Theodoropoulos University of Birmingham
Nigel Thomas University of Newcastle
David Wallom University of Oxford
Kum Won Cho KISTI
Kai Cheng Brunel University



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