Provisional Programme

Monday 18 September
SessionSessionIDPresentation / ExhibitPresenter(s)
17:00 - 20:00 W1: Business Grids
Organiser: Andrew Jackson
Venue: Auditorium
[618] GOLD Infrastructure for Virtual Organisations [PPT] Panos Periorellis
[658] Legacy Code Support for Commercial Production Grids [PPT] Tamas Kiss
[603] Meeting the Design Challenges of Nano-CMOS Electronics: An Introduction to an Upcoming EPSRC Pilot Project [PPT] Richard Sinnott
[638] Types of grid users and the Customer-Service Provider relationship: a future picture of grid use [PPT] Mark Norman
An SAP perspective on Busness Grids [PDF] Andrew Jackson
Challenges in the Commercial Adoption of Grid Computing Technologies [PPT] Ian Osborne
17:00 - 20:00 W2: e-Manufacturing
Organiser: Kai Cheng
Venue: Conference Room 4
e-Manufacturing: characteristics, applications and potentials [PPT] Kai Cheng and Richard Bateman
Theoretical and practical insights on the complexity of running an e-responsive manufacturing facilityJanet Efstathiou
Unobtrusive capture of engineering knowledge [PPT] Heather Rea
Web-based fixture design and optimization [PDF] Xun Chen
Solving complex design layout problems [PDF] Alan Crispin
17:00 - 20:00 W3: OMII UK
Organiser: Steven Newhouse
Venue: Conference Room 2
17:00 - 20:00 W4: GT4 Status and Experience
Organiser: Jennifer M. Schopf
Venue: Conference Room 3
17:00 - 20:00 BoF1: Visualising the Gains of Environmental e-Science
Organiser: Martin T Dove
Venue: Conference Room 1
Grand challenge experiments, model tuning, and their visualisation using the GENIE framework [PPT] Tim Lenton and Andrew Price
Information delivery and visualisation within the eMinerals project [PDF] Toby White
Using Google Maps and other OpenSource GIS software for displaying geospatial data [PPT] Jon Blower
Plans for visualising ensemble climate prediction products in the GCEPS project [PPT] Keith Haines
Visualization of hyperspectral remote senisng model for coastal water [PPT] Gen-Tao Chiang
Viewing services at POL and the Coastal ObservatoryDuncan Sterling
Tuesday 19 September
09:00 - 09:15 Welcome: Anne Trefethen
Chair of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting Steering Committee 2006   

Venue: Auditorium
09:15 - 09:45 Keynote talk:E-Science: Achievements, Challenges and new Opportunities
Malcolm Atkinson, e-Science Envoy  
Chair: Anne Trefethen
Venue: Auditorium
09:45 - 10:45 Keynote Talk: The NERC e-Science experience
Professor Robert Gurney, Director, Environmental Systems Science Centre  
Chair: Anne Trefethen
Venue: Auditorium
10:45 - 11:15 Coffee Break
Venue: Marquee, Atrium and Main Corridor
11:15 - 12:15 Best Paper Awards
Chair: Paul Watson
Venue: Auditorium
[595] Martlet: A Scientific Work-Flow Language for Abstracted Parallisation [PDF] Daniel Goodman
[639] An Intelligent and Adaptable Grid-based Flood Monitoring and Warning System [PPT] Phil Greenwood
12:15 - 13:45 Lunch
Venue: Marquee
13:45 - 15:55 W5: JISC e-Framework
Organiser: Matthew Dovey
Venue: Auditorium
13:45 - 15:55 R1.1: Medical Applications
Chair: Jim Austin
Venue: Conference Room 1
[635] Supporting the Clinical Trial Recruitment Process through the Grid [PDF] [PPT] Anthony Stell
[652] Summarisation and Visualisation of e-Health Data Repositories [PPT] Catalina Hallett
[671] eScience Simulation of Clinic Electrophysiology in 3D Human Atrium [PDF] Sanjay Kharche
[628] Integrative Biology : Real Science through e-ScienceDavid Gavaghan and Richard Clayton
[705] Developing an Integrative Platform for Cancer Research: a Requirements Engineering Perspective [PDF] Vito Perrone
13:45 - 15:55 R1.2: Data Management
Chair: Richard McClatchey
Venue: Conference Room 2
[589] Providing an Effective Data Infrastructure for the Simulation of Complex MaterialsLouise Roberts
[609] Remote secured bulk file transfer over HTTP(S) [PDF] Yibiao li
[613] Dynamic Data Replication in LCG 2008 [PPT] Caitriana Nicholson
[664] Optimisation of Grid Enabled Storage at Small Sites [PPT] Jamie Ferguson
[681] Profiling OGSA-DAI Performance for Common Use Patterns [PPT] Bartosz Dobrzelecki
13:45 - 15:55 R1.3: Grid Infrastructure 1
Chair: Paul Donachy
Venue: Conference Room 3
[612] Proxim-CBR: A Scaleable Grid Service Network for Mobile Decision Support [PPT] Muhammad Alkarouri
[665] Grid monitoring: a holistic approach. [PDF] [PPT] [ODP]Paul Millar
[624] Co-allocation, Fault Tolerance and Grid Computing [PDF] Mark Mc Keown
[724] Designing a Java-based Grid Scheduler using Commodity Services [PPT] Patrick Wendel
[616] The GridSite Toolbar [PPT] Shiv Kaushal
15:55 - 16:25 Coffee Break
Venue: Marquee, Atrium and Main Corridor
16:25 - 18:05 W6: Data Curation
Organiser: Liz Lyon
Venue: Auditorium
[697] Metadata-based Discovery: Experience in Crystallography [PPT] Monica Duke
[725] Curation of Chemistry from Laboratory to Publication [PPT] Simon Coles
[588] Long-term Digital Metadata Curation [PPT] Arif Shaon
16:25 - 18:05 R2.1: Lightweight Hosting Environments
Chair: Steven Newhouse
Venue: Conference Room 1
[623] Developing Lightweight Application Execution Mechanisms in GridsLigang He
[648] A Lightweight, Scriptable, Web-based Frontend to the SRB [PDF] Toby O H White
[675] A Lightweight Application Hosting Environment for Grid Computing [PPT] Stefan Zasada
[711] Building simple, easy-to-use Grids with Styx Grid Services and SSH [PPT] Jon D Blower
16:25 - 18:05 R2.2: Visualisation
Chair: Ron Perrott
Venue: Conference Room 2
[593] Model Based Visualization of Cardiac Virtual Tissue [PPT] Ken Brodlie and Richard Clayton
[651] Service-Oriented Approach to Collaborative Visualization [PDF] Haoxiang Wang
[715] Investigating Visualization OntologiesNick Avis
[694] Meshing with Grids: Toward functional abstractions for grid-based visualization [PPT] David Duke
16:25 - 18:05 R2.3: Security 1
Chair: Luc Moreau
Venue: Conference Room 3
[607] Application of Fault Injection to Globus Grid Middleware [PPT] Nik Looker
[644] Grid Single Sign-On in CCLRC [PDF] Matthew Viljoen
[655] A case for Shibboleth and grid security: are we paranoid about identity? [PPT] Mark Norman
16:25 - 18:05 R2.4: Service Oriented Architectures
Chair: Dave Berry
Venue: Conference Room 4
[608] Service-Oriented Matchmaking and Brokerage [PDF] Julian A Padget
[621] Best Practices in Web Service Style, Data Binding and Validation for use in Data-Centric Scientific Applications [PPT] David Meredith
[703] Service-enabling Legacy Applications for the GENIE Project [PPT] Sofia Panagiotidi
18:05 - 19:00 BoF2: Anyone interested in a National Visualization Service?
Organiser: Ian Grimstead
Venue: Conference Room 2
18:30 - 20:00 Poster Session & Drinks
Venue: Marquee
[582] Grid computing in High Energy Physics using LCG: the BaBar experience [PDF] [PPT] J C Werner
[584] Building a distributed software environment at UCL utilising a switched light pathValeria Bartsch
[591] Collaborative Visualization of 3D Point Based Anatomical Model within a Grid Enabled EnvironmentIan Grimstead
[592] Alternative Security Architectures for e-ScienceHoon Wei Lim
[596] Can Intelligent Optimisation Techniques Improve Computing Job Scheduling In A Grid Environment? Review, Problem and ProposalWei Huang
[598] Preserving Scientific Data with XMLArchCarwyn Edwards
[601] FEA of Slope Failures with a Stochastic Distribution of Soil Properties Developed and Run on the GridJoanna Leng
[602] On Building Trusted Digital Preservation RepositoriesReagan W Moore
[605] Application of the NERC Data Grid Metadata and Data Models in the NERC Ecological Data Grid (EcoGrid)Neil Bennett
[610] The GridSite Proxy Delegation ServiceAndrew McNab
[622] Survey of major tools and technologies for grid-enabled portal developmentXiaoyu Yang
[630] Integrating R into Discovery Net SystemXinzhong Li
[631] Cardiff University's Condor Pool: Background, Case Studies, and fECJames Osborne
[634] A Peer-to-peer Architecture for e-ScienceStratis D Viglas
[645] GREMO: A GT4 based Resource MonitorVijay Sahota
[647] Evaluation of Authentication-Authorization Tools for VO SecurityJake Wu
[649] Simple Grid Access using the Business Process Execution LanguageClovis Chapman
[650] Automatic metadata capture and grid computingMartin T Dove
[663] Automating Metadata Extraction: Genre ClassificationSeamus Ross
[669] Solving Grid interoperability between 2nd and 3rd generation Grids by the integrated P-GRADE/GEMLCA portal [PDF] Tamas Kiss
[670] The Combechem MQTT Lego Microscope. A grid enabled scientific appratus demonstrator.Jamie Robinson
[672] Dynamic Operating Policies for Commercial Hosting EnvironmentsJ Slegers and C Smith
[680] A framework for Grid-based fault detection in an automated laboratory robot systemChristopher Foulston
[682] Deciding semantic matching of stateless servicesEvgeny Zolin
[683] Distributed, high-performance earthquake deformation analysis and modelling facilitated by Discovery NetVasa Curcin
[685] 'SED Service': Science Application based on Virtual Observatory TechnologyParesh Prema
[686] Topology-aware Fault-Tolerance in Service-Oriented GridsPaul Townend
[687] Alternative interfaces for OWL ontologies Hai wang
[696] Constructing Chained Molecular Dynamics Simulations of HIV-1 Protease Using the Application Hosting EnvironmentKashif Sadiq
[698] PRATA: A System for XML Publishing, Integration and View MaintenanceShuai Ma
[699] Research Methods for Eliciting e-Research User RequirementsFlorian Urmetzer
[701] A generic approach to High Performance Visualization enabled Augmented RealityChris J Hughes
[708] Modelling Rail Passenger Movements through e-Science MethodsJeremy Cohen
[710] Putting Pen to Paper: Capturing an Integrative Biologist's Paper Trail [PDF] Matthew Mascord
[714] Incorporating Simulation Data into the Virtual ObservatoryLaurie Shaw
[728] CIMA: Common Instrument Middleware ArchitecturePeter Turner
19:00 - 19:30 Light Tapas Buffet
Venue: Marquee
20:00 - 00:00 Evening Free for Delegates
Wednesday 20 September
09:00 - 09:45 Keynote Talk: The NSF vision of Cyberinfrastructure supporting e-Research, e-learning and engagement (tbc)
Professor Dan Atkins, Director of the Office of Cyberinfrastructure, NSF  
Chair: John O’Reilly
Venue: Auditorium
09:45 - 10:30 Keynote talk: Silchester Roman Town: the challenges, aspirations and experience of developing a VRE for Archaeology
Professor Michael Fulford, Archaeology, University of Reading  
Chair: Ken Brodlie
Venue: Auditorium
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break
Venue: Marquee, Atrium and Main Corridor
11:00 - 12:15 BOF3: Education and Training
Organiser: Mike Mineter
Venue: Auditorium
11:00 - 12:15 R3.1: Security 2
Chair: Richard Sinnott
Venue: Conference Room 1
[606] ShibVomGSite: A Framework for Providing Username and Password Support to GridSite with Attribute based Authorization using Shibboleth and VOMS [PDF] Joseph Olufemi Dada
[627] Instance-Level Security Management in Web Service Business ProcessesDacheng Zhang
[636] A user-friendly approach to computational grid security [PPT] Bruce Beckles
11:00 - 12:15 R3.2: Virtual Organisations
Chair: Rob Allan
Venue: Conference Room 2
[632] A virtual research organization enabled by eMinerals minigrid: an integrated study of the transport and immobilisation of arsenic species in the environment [PPT] Zhimei Du
[643] The GOLD Project: Architecture, Development and Deployment [PPT] Ellis Solaiman / Rob Smith
[690] VOMS deployment in GridPP and NGSMike Jones
11:00 - 12:15 R3.3: User Interfaces
Chair: Jon Blower
Venue: Conference Room 3
[590] The RealityGrid PDA and Smartphone Clients: Developing effective handheld user interfaces for e-Science [PPT] Ian R. Holmes
[693] Application Reuse Through Portal Frameworks [PPT] Rahim Lakhoo
[719] GANGA: A Grid User Interface for Distributed Data Analysis [PPT] Alexander Soroko
11:00 - 12:15 R3.4: Social Science Applications
Chair: Stuart Dunn
Venue: Conference Room 4
[641] Grid Enabled Data Fusion for Calculating Poverty Measures [PPT] Simon Peters
[656] GEODE - Sharing Occupational Data Through The Grid [PPT] Koon Leai Larry Tan
[718] The National Centre for e-Social ScienceRob Procter
12:15 - 13:45 Lunch
Venue: Marquee
13:45 - 15:45 Demo Session
15:45 - 16:15 Coffee Break
Venue: Marquee, Atrium and Main Corridor
16:15 - 17:00 Keynote talk: Some brief notes on Science towards 2020
Stephen Emmott, Director European Science Programme, Microsoft Research  
Chair: Ron Perrott
Venue: Auditorium
17:00 - 19:00 W7: UK-China
Organiser: Nik Looker
Venue: Conference Room 1
17:00 - 19:00 BoF4: UK National Grid Service User Forum
Organiser: Andrew Richards
Venue: Conference Room 2
17:00 - 19:00 BoF5: Simulation on the grid
Organiser: Sharon Lloyd & Georgios K. Theodoropoulos
Venue: Conference Room 3
17:00 - 19:00 BoF6: Access Grid
Organiser: Michael Daw
Venue: Conference Room 4
Access Grid Quality Survey & New Services Update [PPT] Michael Daw
Update on SUMOVER Project - Developing VIC & RAT [PDF] Piers O'Hanlon, Peter Kirstein,Socrates Varakliotis
New Developments in Access Grid [PDF] Ian Dennell
Survey of the Audio/Video/Data Collaborative Software MarketNicolas Bertrand
Open Discussion  
17:00 - 19:00 W8: Arts and Humanities
Organiser: Stuart Dunn
Venue: Auditorium
AHDSShelia Anderson
e-Science in the HumanitiesWilliam Kilbride
e-Science in the Arts [PPT] Angela Piccini
ResponseAnne Trefethen
ResponseDavid de Roure
Open Discussion  
19:15 - 20:00 Pre-Dinner Drinks
Venue: Atrium
20:00 - 23:30 Gala Evening with Buffet Dinner
Venue: Marquee
Thursday 21 September
09:00 - 10:40 BoF 7: Usable Systems in the Global Environment
Organiser: Nicholas Walton
Venue: Auditorium
IntroductionNic Walton
Experiences from CancerGrid and caBIG; what are the real issues in international interoperability? [PPT] Peter MacCallum
eMinerals in the International Context [PPT] Martin Dove
GridPP: the UK's contribution to the international collaboration building a worldwide Grid, the LHC Computing Grid. [PPT] Tony Doyle
OMII-UK - supporting the UK e-Science community and their international collaborators [PPT] Steven Newhouse
Balancing UK Service demands with building a Virtual Observatory infrastruture for Europe [PDF] Nic Walton
Challenges in building an integrated system for medical research in an international context. [PPT] Sharon Lloyd
09:00 - 10:40 R4.1: Workflow
Chair: Omer Rana
Venue: Conference Room 1
[620] Towards a Bell-Curve Calculus for e-Science [PPT] Lin Yang
[659] Dynamic Discovery of Composable Type Adapters for Practical Web Services Workflow [PDF] Terry R Payne
[673] GridWorkflow Scheduling in WOSE [PPT] Yash Patel
[676] Collaborative study of GENIEfy Earth System Models using scripted database workflows in a Grid-enabled PSE [PPT] Andrew Price
09:00 - 10:40 R4.2: Production Grids
Chair: Peter Dew
Venue: Conference Room 2
[615] GridPP: From Prototype to Production [PPT] David Britton
[625] OxGrid, a campus grid for the University of Oxford [PPT] David Wallom
[660] GridPP: Running a Production Grid [PPT] Stephen Burke
09:00 - 10:40 R4.3: Knowledge Extraction & Representation
Chair: Paul Watson
Venue: Conference Room 3
[666] Application and Uses of CML within the eMinerals project [PDF] Toby O H White
[689] An Architecture for Language Processing for Scientific Texts [PPT] Ann Copestake
[678] Flexible Interfaces in the Application of Language Technology to an eScience Corpus [PPT] C J Rupp
[688] The CLEF Chronicle: Transforming Patient Records into an e-Science Resource [PPT] Colin Puleston
09:00 - 10:40 R4.4: Scientific Applications 1
Chair: Simon Cox
Venue: Conference Room 4
[702] The BIOPATTERN Grid - Implementation and Applications [PDF] Pin Hu
[637] Using eScience to calibrate our tools: parameterisation of quantum mechanical calculations with grid technologies [PPT] Kat Austen
[640] Anatomy of a grid-enabled molecular simulation study: the compressibility of amorphous silica [PDF] Andrew M Walker
[617] Analysis and Outcomes of the Grid-Enabled Engineering Body Scanner [PPT] Daniela Tsaneva
10:40 - 11:10 Coffee Break
Venue: Marquee, Atrium and Main Corridor
11:10 - 13:15 W9: UK-Korea
Organiser: Kum Won Cho
Venue: Auditorium
Overview of the UK e-Science Project Malcolm Atkinson
Overview of the Korean National e-Science Project [PPT] Jysoo Lee
MSF and MAGE: e-Science Middleware for BT Applications [PPT] Jaeyoung Choi
The MGrid Integrated Molecular Simulation System and Its Applications [PDF] Karpjoo Jeong
e-AIRS: e-Science Aerospace Research Integrated System [PDF] Chongam Kim
Discussion & Wrap-up  
11:10 - 13:15 R5.1: Security 3
Chair: Jie Xu
Venue: Conference Room 1
[674] DyVOSE Project: Experiences in Applying Privilege Management Infrastructures [PPT] John Watt
[677] Building a Modular Authorization Infrastructure [PDF] David Chadwick
[692] A View Based Security Framework for XML [PPT] Xibei Jia
[721] Semantic Security in Service Oriented Environments [PDF] Terry Payne
[722] Formal Analysis of Access Control PoliciesJeremy Bryans
11:10 - 13:15 R5.2: Semantics
Chair: Peter Murray-Rust
Venue: Conference Room 2
[600] RSSM: A Rough Sets based Service Matchmaking Algorithm [PPT] Dr Maozhen Li
[614] Semantic Units for Scientific Data Exchange [PPT] Kieron Taylor
[626] The ISIS Facilities Ontology and OntoMaintainer [PPT] Louisa Casely-Hayford
[704] Service Composition in the Context of Grid [PPT] Xiaofeng Du
[713] Annotating scientific data: why it is important and why it is difficultPeter Buneman
11:10 - 13:15 R5.3: Grid Infrastructure 2
Chair: John Brooke
Venue: Conference Room 3
[726] The OMII Software Distribution [PPT] Steven Newhouse
[642] Job submission to grid computing environments [PDF] Richard P Bruin
[657] The BROADEN Distributed Tool, Service and Data Architecture [PDF] Tom Jackson / Martyn Fletcher
[668] gridMonSteer: Generic Architecture for Monitoring and Steering Legacy Applications in Grid EnvironmentsIan Wang
11:10 - 13:15 R5.4: Scientific Applications 2
Chair: Mark Hayes
Venue: Conference Room 4
[646] SolarB Global DataGrid [PPT] Tim Folkes
[661] eSDO Algorithms, Data Centre and Visualization Tools for the UK Virtual Observatory [PPT] Elizabeth Auden
[709] e-Science Tools For The Genomic Scale Characterisation Of Bacterial Secreted Proteins [PPT] Tracy Craddock
[720] Distributed Analysis in the ATLAS Experiment [PDF] Mr Chun Lik Tan
13:15 - 14:30 Lunch
Venue: Marquee
14:30 - 15:30 Keynote talk: e-Research the JISC way
Professor Dave De Roure, Head of Grid and Pervasive Computing in the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton  [PPT] [PDF]
Chair: Malcolm Read
Venue: Auditorium
15:30 - 16:15 Raffle Prize and Close of Meeting [PPT]
Chair: Malcolm Atkinson
Venue: Auditorium



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