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Call for Abstracts

Authors were invited to submit abstracts of unpublished, original work of not more than 3 pages in length to AHM 2010 themes and workshops, using single spaced 10 point size on A4 pages - including 2 pages of text and (optionally) 1 page of figures and tables. Authors submitted abstracts satisfying the Formatting Guidelines as a PDF file using the AHM 2010 Abstract Submission system.

Submission to Themes
Authors were asked to submit to one of the following Themes or as a 'general paper':

  • Theme 1: Infrastructures, Systems and Tools for e-Research
  • Theme 2: Algorithms and Data Structures for e-Research
  • Theme 3: Applications of e-Research
  • Theme 4: Foundations of e-Science/e-Research
  • Theme 5: Organisation, Trust, Security and Validation
  • Theme 6: Sharing, Collaboration and Interfaces for e-Research

Detailed descriptions of these themes can be found under Abstracts, Themes.

This year, we especially encouraged industry collaborators to engage fully in the conference (we will shortly be including information on the website detailing Exhibit and Sponsorship opportunities), including contributing to papers.

As in previous years, authors of selected abstracts have been invited to submit full papers (after AHM 2010) to be considered for inclusion in a special edition of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.  It should be noted that conference proceedings were not be published.

Submission to Workshops
Authors submitted abstracts to workshops.  Please click on the links provided to navigate to the workshop websites for further information:

As with the themes, submission to workshops was in the form of extended abstracts - please see the formatting guidelines and submission pages for further details (please note that you must indicate which workshop you are submitting to on the top of your abstract).  Workshop abstracts will also be considered for publication as full papers in Phil Trans A.

Dave De Roure led a BoF at AHM 2010 titled Digital Social Research Challenges (website available shortly).  These abstracts will also be under consideration for publication as full papers in Phil Trans A. 

The following workshop was also held at AHM 2010 but in a different format to the above workshops, as a panel discussion, and hence abstracts for formal presentation were not accepted: 

Programme Committee Decisions
Submitted abstracts were reviewed by the Programme Committee and categorised as one of the following:

  • Invitation to submit a full paper for possible inclusion in the Phil Trans A Special Issue and inclusion as a presentation.
  • Inclusion as a presentation only.
  • Inclusion as a poster only.
  • Not suitable for inclusion.

Important Dates:

7 June 2010 - The deadline for abstract submission was extended from 24 May to 7 June.  The call for abstracts is now closed.
23 July 2010 - Decisions to authors.

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