Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2004

31st August - 3rd September, Nottingham UK

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Engineering Grid Services in the European Grid of Solar Observations (EGSO) Giacomo Piccinelli
Using SAM datahandling in processing large data volumes Stefan Stonjek
A Co-operative Clinical E-Science Framework (CLEF): Joining up Healthcare and Clinical Research Jeremy Rogers
A Federated Architecture for Data Access and Integration Services in e-Science Brian Hills
Experiences with Publishing and Executing Parallel Legacy Code using an OGSI Grid Service Ariel Goyeneche & Tamas Kiss
Interfacing CCLRC’s Atlas Data Store to the Grid Using the Storage Resource Broker Bonny Strong
VisRes-G: A Grid Computational Steering and Visualisation Tool for R-matrix Computations NS Scott
Experiences of Using the GGF SAML AuthZ Interface Richard Sinnott
RAVE: Resource-Aware Visualization Environment Ian J Grimstead
A GT3 based BLAST grid service for biomedical research Micha, Bayer;
Integration and Operational Monitoring Tools for the Emerging UK e-Science Grid Infrastructure David Baker
Introducing e-Science to the classroom Danaë, Stanton
Exact calculation of peptide-protein binding energies by steered thermodynamic integration using high performance computing grids. Philip Fowler
HPC and Grid Applications in High Throughput Protein Crystallography R M, Keegan
Grid Based Conversion of Unstructured Data using a Common Semantic Model Karen Loughran
Curating for the Future - The work of the Digital Curation Centre David Giaretta, Liz Lyon
A specialised metadata approach to discovery and use of data in the NERC DataGrid Kevin ONeill
A Grid Enabled Medical Image Database Andrew Rowland
The CO-ODE and HyOntUse Projects Nick Drummond; Matthew Horridge; Hai Wang
Semantic Description and Matching of Grid Services Capabilities Ye Zhang
Using SOAP with Attachments for e-Science Ying Ying
myGrid Jun Zhao
eFamily: Bridging Sequence and Structure Rob Finn
A Grid for Particle Physics - Managing the Unmanageable Steve Lloyd
The Engine Data Store for DAME Vernon Bailey
The PGPGrid Project: Wide Area Rendering Environment Ali Anjomshoaa
eMaterials: Integrating Grid Computation and Data Management Services Lisa Blanshard
A Web Service Architecture for GECEM Maria Lin
A Framework for Extending OGSI to Intermittently Available Wireless Networks Chris Greenhalgh
InfoGrid: Information resource integration Nikolaos Giannadakis
Towards a Common Data and Command Representation for Quantum Chemistry P A Couch
Replication-Based Fault Tolerance in a Grid Environment Paul Townend
Practical Experience of Grid-enabled Health Computing with the GEMSS Grid John Fenner
A Grid Infrastructure for Image Segmentation and Registration Michael Burns
The use of XML and CML in Computational Chemistry and Physics Programs Jon Wakelin
Towards the Incorporation of Cosmological Simulation Data into the Virtual Observatory Laurie D, Shaw
Electronic Credential Based Security Management in Decentralized Computing Environment Chenxi Huang
Enabling advanced high performance networks and end-systems for Grid applications Frank Saka
Practical Dependability Analysis of SOAP Based Systems Nik Looker
An e-Science Resource for High Throughput Protein Crystallography Colin Nave
Solar Feature Catalogues in EGSO Valentina Zharkova
ATLAS Distributed Analysis (ADA) Roger Jones
Algorithm Preparation and UK Data Distribution for the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) Investigations in the Context of the UK Virtual Observatory Elizabeth Auden
JUMBO – An XML infrastructure for eScience Y. Zhang
e-Health Security Issues: the e-DiaMoND perspective David Power
e-DiaMoND: risk analysis Eugenia Politou
Dynamic Allocation of Servers to Jobs in a Grid Hosting Environment Charles Kubicek
Applying Grid Technologies to Distributed Data Mining Alastair Hume
The Grid Application Portal for Glass Technology (GAP-GT). Alastare Yoxall
White Rose Grid Portals: Practice and Experience Joanna Schmidt
EVE – A Grid enabled data analysis environment for neutron scattering experiments Dr. Ronald Fowler
Integrated Data Mining and Text Mining In Support of Bioinformatics M. Ghanem
Deployment of JIM for the CDF Grid M.Burgon-Lyon
Collaborative Analysis of Offenders’ Personal and Area-based Social Exclusion Max Craglia
Increasing the Scope for Polymorph Prediction using e-Science H. Nowell
The DNA Project Graeme Winter
Cross Experiment Workflow Management: The Runjob Project Peter Love
Real-time Visualization and Computational Steering of Molecular Dynamics simulations of Materials Science Carlos F. Sanz-Navarro
Development of generic software for analysis, archiving & Internet dissemination of brain and systems physiological data. RH Bayford


© EPSRC Sept 2004, ISBN 1-904425-21-6