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Innovating through e-Science

Mini-Workshop Call for Papers

UKLight the first year : Applications and Research using the new optical R&D network

In 2001 the UK started on a path to join the global optical networking R&D facility, and this culminated with the start of UKLight in June 2004. This has then been extended to provide the first national R&D network connecting participant sites throughout the UK. Several early adopter projects were already pushing for approval in order to make early demonstrations of "proof of benefit" to their fields, and since then several other projects are underway, and regional groups have sought connection. As part of this years AHM there will be a mini-workshop entitled:

UKLight the first year : Applications and Research using the new optical R&D network.

This mini workshop will present and discuss the early results of the first UKLight projects, and finish with an open discussion of where to go next. Submissions of papers for presentation at this workshop are now invited. We encourage all UKLight projects to participate and also welcome submissions from the wider community in any area relevant to the global optical networking research programme. Submissions should be made using the standard AHM procedures as detailed on the website:

The session organisers are Professor Peter Clarke (National e-Science Centre in Edinburgh) and Professor Dimitra Simeonidou (Essex University).