Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2005

19 - 22nd September, Nottingham UK

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Web-services for the biology community: the BASIS project Colin Gillespie
Parameter Vocabularies in the NERC DataGrid Project Roy Lowry
Integrating with the Access Grid: Experiences and Issues Chris Greenhalgh
Flexible Dynamic Binding in Agile Grid Development Jovan Cakic
Debugging OWL-DL Ontologies: A Heuristic Approach Hang Wang
Implementing WS-Security in Perl Stefan Zasada
VREs in the Arts and Humanities Stuart Dunn
GridPP Portal Gidon Moont
Tools for integrating 3D single cell and population neuroanatomy data Howell F
Building and running large scale computational neuroscience models Fred Howell
PlanningGridGateway - e-Science and e-Government Integration: A Northern Ireland Planning process perspective Paul Donachy
mcp: A Reliable Multicast File Transfer Tool Karl Jeacle
MOSES: Modelling and Simulation for e-Social Science Mark Birkin
A Service Oriented Infrastructure to Facilitate Trust in Collaborative Working Pete Burnap
Supporting Semantic Life Science Middleware with Web Service Resource Framework Bartosz Wietrzyk
An Architecture for QoS Enabled Dynamic Web Service Deployment Charles Kubicek
NeuroGrid: Collaborative Neuroscience via Grid Computing Andrew Simpson or Sharon Lloyd
A Scalable Registry Service for jGMA Mat Grove
Data Discovery in the NERC DataGrid Marta Gutierrez
On Generating Dependable Decentralised Web Service Business Sessions Dacheng Zhang
Security Infrastructure for Grid-Enabled Biomedical Services Anthony Stell
Applying e-Science to Computational Chemistry Dr David S Coombes
Using Grid Services From Behind A Firewall Andrew L, Rowland
Towards A Grid-Enabled Biomolecular Simulations Database Bing Wu
The University of Bristol Grid, a production campus grid David Wallom
WSRP Reincarnation of Service Oriented Architecture Rob Allan
Usability of the UK e-Science Certification Authority J Jensen; M Viljoen
Supporting e-Research using Representation Information David Giaretta
The Memetic Project: Meeting Memory Technologies Informing Collaboration Michael Daw
Certificate-based Security for the NCS Grid Service Jeremy Frey
APEL: An implementation of Grid accounting using R-GMA John Gordon
Panoply of Utilities in Taverna Chris Wroe
Scientific Workflow applied to nano- and material sciences Vasa Curcin
LCG Data Management: From EDG to EGEE Graeme Stewart
NERC Data Grid Authorisation Architecture Neil Bennett
The deployment mechanisms for the ATLAS software Grigori Rybkine
Semantic Storage of Chemical Data Kieron Taylor
Ganga user interface for job definition and management Karl Harrison
Visualization on the UK National Grid Service using GAPtk, a generic toolkit Srikanth Nagella
Using a Software Product Line Approach in Designing Grid Services Rabih Bashroush
GRIDCC - providing a real-time Grid for distributed instrumentation Peter R Hobson
Illustrating Publication@Source: The Behaviour of Benzo-15-crown-5 at the Solution/Air Interface by Experiment and Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Jeremy Frey
GSiB Visual Environment for Web Service Composition and Enactment Dr. Yan Huang
Distributed analysis in the ATLAS experiment Chun Lik (Alvin) Tan
Grid-based production and operations in the ATLAS experiment. F,Brochu
An Approach for Shibboleth and Grid Integration Francisco, Pinto
MPJ: A New Look at MPI for Java Aamir Shafi
ImpliedVolatilityGrid: Grid Based Integration to Provide On Demand Financial Risk Analyisis Gordon Macleod
NERC Ecological Data Grid (EcoGrid) Neil Bennett
CancerGrid: developing open standards for clinical cancer informatics Peter Maccallum
DynamicWrappers: a rule based metadata conversion and integration system for e-Science applications Shoaib A. Sufi
Are personal digital certificates really usable and scalable? Mark Norman


© EPSRC Sept 2005, ISBN 1-904425-53-4