Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2005

19 - 22nd September, Nottingham UK

Provisional Programme
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Monday 19 September 2005
1700 - 2000hrs Workshop Session
  Session Title: W1: Making e-Science Usable
Organiser: Tom Rodden
Venue: Auditorium
     Factors Influencing the Early Adoption of e-HTPX within Structural Based Drug Design Michael Gleaves
     The 'end to end' crystallographic experiment in an e-Science environment: From conception to publication. Simon Coles
     eScience usability: the eMinerals experience Martin Dove
     Grid enabling legacy applications for scalability - Experiences of a production grid on the UK NGS Anjan Pakhira
     GeodiseLab: Making the Grid Usable Graeme Pound
     The eMinerals minigrid and the National Grid Service: a users perspective Marmier A
     Testing for scalability in a Grid record usage service John Brooke
     Organisational and technological challenges of large-scale multi-disciplinary scientific research Marina Jirotka
     Re-factoring grid computing for usability Bruce Beckles
  Session Title: W2: UKLight, the First Year: Applications and Research Using the New Optical R&D Network
Organiser: Peter Clarke, Dimitra Simeonidou
Venue: Conference Room 1
     Exploitation of Switched Lightpaths for e-Health Lee Momtahan
     46PaQ: IPv4 and IPv6 Performance and QoS Saleem Bhatti
     The ESLEA Control Plane Software Clive Davenhall
     SPICE: Simulated Pore Interactive Computing Experiment - Using Grid computing to understand DNA translocation across protein nanopores embedded in lipid membranes Shantenu Jha
     ESLEA: Exploitation of Switched Lightpaths for e-Science Applications Colin Greenwood
     High Rate Internet Data Transfer for eVLBI Ralph Spencer
     Commercial e-Science Applications on UK Light Terry Harmer
     CDF's Utilization of Switched Circuit Optical Networks Barney Garrett
  Session Title: W3: Data Integration in e-Science: What Does the Grid Give Us?
Organiser: Neil Chue Hong
Venue: Conference Room 2
     A Unified View of Protein Sequence and Structure Using the Distributed Annotation System Andreas Prlic
     Comparison of Data Access and Integration Technologies in the Life Science Domain Richard O, Sinnott
     Experiences with supporting mass storage for multiple communities D Corney
     eSDO: UK Access to the Solar Dynamics Observatory Elizabeth Auden
     A new Architecture for OGSA-DAI Malcolm P. Atkinson
     Data Integration in Bioinformatics Using OGSA-DAI Shirley Crompton
  Session Title: W4: Portals and Virtual Research Environments I
Organiser: Robert Allan
Venue: Conference Room 3
     The GeneGrid Portal: A User Interface for a Virtual Bioinformatics Laboratory Paul Donachy
     Matchmaking Portal for the Discovery of Numerical and Symbolic Services Simone Ludwig
     A Web/Grid Services Approach for a Virtual Research Environment Implementation Y.W. Sim
     Portal Design, Synchrotron and HPC Services in e-HTPX - A resource for High Throughput Protein Crystallography Ronan Keegan
     A Service Oriented Architecture for Portals using Portlets Rob Allan
     A Collaborative e-Science Architecture towards a Virtual Research Environment Tran Vu Pham
     Virtual Research Environments: Sakai Demonstrator Rob J, Allan and Rob Crouchley
     The RealityGrid Steering Portal Mark G, Beckett
     VRE for the Integrative Biology Research Consortium (IB VRE) Matthew J., Dovey
  Session Title: W5: Text Mining, e-Research and Grid-enabled Language Technology
Organiser: Ewan Klein
Venue: Conference Room 4
     Benchmarking ontology-based annotation tools for the Semantic Web Diana Maynard
     Supporting Text Mining for e-Science: the challenges for Grid-enabled NLP Roger Evans
     Using Text Mining for Understanding Insulin Signalling Moustafa Ghanem
     Language Technology for Processing Chemistry Publications Peter Murray-Rust
     Information Extraction from Clinical Records Henk Harkema
     Mining and Modelling Temporal Clinical Data Henk Harkema
     Retrieving hierarchical text structure from typeset scientific articles Ian Lewin
Tuesday 20 September 2005
0900 - 0915hrs Welcome from Professor Sir David Wallace
Chair: Ron Perrott
Venue: Auditorium
0915 - 1000hrs Keynote Talk by Professor John O'Reilly
Chair:Ron Perrott
Venue: Auditorium
1000 - 1100hrs Keynote Talk from Christine Borgman
Chair: Prof Ian Diamond
Venue: Auditorium
1100 - 1130hrs Coffee Break
1130 - 1230hrs Keynote Talk by Depei Qian
Chair:Ron Perrott
Venue: Auditorium
1230 - 1400hrs Lunch
1400 - 1515hrs Parallel Session 1
  W6: Knowledge Management: Priorities for the Way Forward
Organiser: Alan Rector
Venue: Auditorium
  Session Title: R1.1: Provenance
Chair: Omer Rana
Venue: Conference Room 1
     A proof of concept: Provenance in a Service Oriented Architecture Liming Chen
     PReServ: Provenance Recording for Services Paul Groth
     Validation of E-Science Experiments using a Provenance-based Approach Sylvia Wong
  Session Title: R1.2: Quality-of-Service and Service Level Agreements
Chair: Steven Newhouse
Venue: Conference Room 2
     Grid Service Level Agreements Combining Resource Reservation and Predictive Run-time Adaptation James Padgett
     QoSOnt - An Ontology for QoS in Service-Centric Systems Glen Dobson
     SLA Based Job Scheduling: A Case Study on Policies for Negotiation with Resources Viktor Yarmolenko
  Session Title: R1.3: Data Mining and Querying
Chair: Yike Guo
Venue: Conference Room 3
     GEDDM: Comparisons of OGSA-DAI and GridFTP for access to and conversion of remote unstructured data in legal data mining. Karen Loughran
     Intuitive Querying of e-Health Data Repositories Catalina Hallett
     GEDDM: Grid Management Framework to Support Computationally Intensive On Demand Data Mining Services in a Business Environment TBC
  Session Title: R1.4: Operations and Support
Chair: Marta Kwiatkowska
Venue: Conference Room 4
     The UKs Grid Operations Support Centre and the National Grid Service Neil Geddes
     Grid Deployment and Operations for EGEE, LCG and GridPP Jeremy Coles
     Testing Grid Software on the Grid Steven Newhouse
1515 - 1600hrs Coffee Break
1600 - 1740hrs Parallel Session 2
  Session Title: W7: Portals and Virtual Research Environments II
Organiser: Robert Allan
Venue: Auditorium
     Advanced Collaboration Tools To Support Integration & Steering of Multi-site Experiments Kevin T W, Tan; Daniela K, Tsaneva
     A portal interface to myGrid workflow technology Stefan J, Rennick Egglestone
     Adopting and Extending Portlet Technologies for e-Science Workflow Deployment Michelle Osmond
     Executing Workflow-Based Grid Applications with the Collaborative P-GRADE Portal Gergely Sipos
  Session Title: R2.1: Bioscience Applications
Chair: Paul Jeffreys
Venue: Conference Room 1
     e-Fungi: An e-Science Infrastructure for Comparative Functional Genomics in Fungal Species Mike Cornell
     Using the Grid in the Mouse Atlas Project Mehran Sharghi
     Lightwieght Solution for Protein Annotation Shikta Das
  Session Title: R2.2: Data Repositories
Chair: W. Alex Gray
Venue: Conference Room 2
     Autonomic Management of Ubiquitous e-Health Systems Naranker Dulay
     Disclosure Risk and Grid Computing Mark Elliot
     Proteome Data Integration: Characteristics and Challenges Khalid Belhajjame
     Towards Data Integration for Computational Chemistry Philip A Couch
  Session Title: R2.3: Tools and Infrastructure I
Chair: John Brooke
Venue: Conference Room 3
     Multicast Application Sharing Tool for the Access Grid Toolkit S Mehmood Hasan
     ICENI II Architecture A. Stephen McGough
     Task and Resource Descriptions for Computational Grids Ian Stokes-Rees
     The Open Overlays Collaborative Workspace Environment David Duce
  Session Title: R2.4: Security I
Chair: Anne Trefethen
Venue: Conference Room 4
     Single Sign-on to the Grid J Jensen
     Current methods for negotiating firewalls for the Condor(R) system Bruce Beckles
     Building a secure Condor pool in an open academic environment Bruce Beckles
     Implementing privilege separation in the Condor system Bruce Beckles
1745 - 2200hrs Poster Session & Buffet
Venue: Marquee
Wednesday 21 September 2005
0900 - 0945hrs Keynote talk by Professor Nigel Shadbolt
Chair: Malcolm Read (JISC)
Venue: Auditorium
0945 - 1030hrs Keynote talk by Professor Peter Clarke (NeSC)
Chair: Malcolm Read (JISC)
Venue: Auditorium
1030 - 1100hrs Coffee Break
1100 - 1310hrs IECnet Industry Track (invitation only)
Chair: Dave Berry
Venue: Gallery
1100 - 1310hrs Parallel Session 3
  Session Title: W8: Chinese e-Science
Organiser: Depei Qian
Venue: Auditorium
     Scientific Data Grid Kai, Nan
     An Introduction to the National Geological Grid Yongbo Zhang
     CNGrid Software 2: Service Oriented Approach to Grid Computing Zhiwei Xu
     Drug Discovery Grid Wenju, Zhang
     The Realization of GRAPES Model on the China Meteorological Application Grid Environment Yang, Xuesheng
  Session Title: R3.1: Tools and Infrastructure II
Chair: Alistair Dunlop
Venue: Conference Room 1
     A Scalable Service Architecture for Distributed Search Mark Jessop
     Automatic Deployment and Interoperability of Grid Services Yonathan Zetuny
     Condor Birdbath: Web Service interfaces to condor Clovis Chapman
     Open Overlay Support for the Divergent Grid Paul Grace
     GROWL: A Lightweight Grid Services Toolkit and Applications John Kewley
  Session Title: R3.2: Physical Science Applications
Chair: Tom Jackson
Venue: Conference Room 2
     GridPP: Meeting the Particle Physics Computing Challenge Tony Doyle
     Reprocessing DØ data with SAMGrid Frederic Villeneuve-Seguier
     eScience methods for the combinatorial chemistry problem of adsorption of pollutant organic molecules on mineral surfaces Toby White
     Chemistry By Mobile Phone (or how to justify more time at the bar) Jamie M, Robinson
     eMinerals: Science Outcomes enabled by new Grid Tools Maria Alfredsson
  Session Title: R3.3: Performance
Chair: Stephen Jarvis
Venue: Conference Room 3
     A Performance Evaluation of Using SOAP with Attachments for e-Science Ying,Ying
     Scalable clustering on the Data Grid Patrick Wendel
     Experience on Performance Evaluation with OGSA-DQP Anastasios Gounaris
     Performance Analysis of a Semantics Enabled Service Registry Weijian Fang
     Performance Prediction for a Code with Data-dependant Runtimes Brian Foley
  Session Title: R3.4: Workflow, Messaging, and Dynamic Services
Chair: Paul Watson
Venue: Conference Room 4
     A Workflow Engine with Multi-Level Parallelism Supports Qifeng Huang
     Dynasoar: An Architecture for the Dynamic Deployment of Web Services on a Grid or the Internet Paul Watson
     Worldwide Messaging Support for High Performance Real-time Collaboration Pete Burnap
     Data streaming, workflow and firewall-friendly Grid Services with Styx Jon Blower
     Dynamic Web Service Selection for Workflow Optimization Lican Huang
1310 - 1430hrs Lunch
1430 - 1630hrs Demo Session
1500 - 1600hrs Informal Press Briefing
Chair: Tony Hey
Venue: Gallery
1630 - 1700hrs Coffee Break
1700 - 1900hrs BoF1: Living with the Grid: Operation and Expansion of the NGS
Organisers: Neil Geddes, Stephen Pickles
Venue: Conference Room 1
1700 - 1900hrs BoF2: National Grid Service Users Forum
Organisers: Andrew Richards, Malcolm Atkinson
Venue: Conference Room 2
1700 - 1900hrs BoF3: Computational Grids for Environmental e-Science
Organisers: Martin Dove, Stuart Ballard, Jon Blower
Venue: Conference Room 3
1700 - 1900hrs BoF4: Collaboration in Training
Organiser: Mike Mineter
Venue: Conference Room 4
1700 - 1900hrs BoF5: From Compute Pool to Campus Grid
Organiser: Bruce Beckles, Clovis Chapman, John Kewley, David Wallom
Venue: Auditorium
2000 - 2330hrs Gala Evening
Thursday 22 September 2005
0900 - 1040hrs Parallel Session 4
  Session Title: W9: Web Services Architecture and Dependability: an e-Science Perspective
Organiser: Panos Periorellis
Venue: Auditorium
     Development and deployment of an application hosting environment for grid based computational science Matt Harvey
     On XACML, role-based access control, and health grids Power, David
     An overview of Web Services and Grid Security research activities at the BT Security Research Centre Theo Dimitrakos
  Session Title: R4.1: Resource Monitoring
Chair: Mark Baker
Venue: Conference Room 1
     Monitoring, Policing and Trust for Grid-Based Virtual Organisations Luke Teacy
     Resource Monitoring and Service Discovery in GeneGrid Sachin Wasnik
     Network Performance Monitoring for the Grid Mark J, Leese
     Performance Evaluation of the GridSAM Job Submission and Monitoring System William Lee
  Session Title: R4.2: Applications I
Chair: Lakshmi Sastry
Venue: Conference Room 2
     Society Grids Khurshid Ahmad
     On two kinds of public-resource distributed computing Andrew Martin
     Bioinformatics Application Integration in GeneGrid P.V. Jithesh
  Session Title: R4.3: Databases and Data Management
Chair: Shoaib Sufi
Venue: Conference Room 3
     OGSA-DAI Status and Benchmarks Neil Chue Hong
     Enabling access to federated Grid databases: an OGSA-DAI ODBC driver Mike Jackson
     The CMS PhEDEx system: a novel approach to robust Grid data distribution Tim Barrass
     BaBar Experiment Data Distribution using the Storage Resource Broker Adil Hasan
  Session Title: R4.4: Security II
Chair: Richard McClatchey
Venue: Conference Room 4
     The GridSite Security Framework Andrew McNab
     Integrating an Attack Tolerant Information Service with Taverna Erica Y, Yang
     Dynamic Privilege Management Infrastructures Utilising Secure Attribute Exchange John Watt
     A security architecture for a semantic Grid registry Victor Tan
1040 - 1110hrs Coffee Break
1110 - 1315hrs Parallel Session 5
  Session Title: W10: Visualisation on the Grid: Technologies and Applications
Organiser: Ian Grimstead, Steven Kenny, Stuart Charters
Venue: Auditorium
     Robust grid-based environment for large scale lattice-Boltzmann simu lations Maddalena Venturoli
     On Steering Coupled Models Matt Harvey
     Steering via the Image in Local, Distributed and Collaborative Settings Jason, Wood; Helen, Wright;
     Resource-Aware Visualization Using Web Services Ian J. Grimstead
     e-Viz: Towards an Integrated Framework for High Performance Visualization Mark Riding
  Session Title: R5.1: Applications II
Chair: Jon Blower
Venue: Conference Room 1
     <A title="Analyses of disasters such as the Piper Alpha explosion (Sylvester-Evans and Drysdale, 1998), the World Trade Centre collapse (Torero et al, 2002, Usmani et al, 2003) and the fires at Kings Cross (Drysdale et al, 1992) and the Mont Blanc tunnel (Rapport Commun, 1999) have revealed many mistaken decisions, such as that which sent 300 fire-fighters to their deaths in the World Trade Centre. Many of these mistakes have been attributed to a lack of information about the conditions within the fire and the imminent consequences of the event. E Science offers an opportunity to significantly improve the intervention in fire emergencies. The FireGrid Consortium is working on a mixture of research projects to make this vision a reality. This paper describes the research challenge