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Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2006

18 - 21st September, Nottingham UK

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Grid computing in High Energy Physics using LCG: the BaBar experience J C Werner
Building a distributed software environment at UCL utilising a switched light path Valeria Bartsch
Collaborative Visualization of 3D Point Based Anatomical Model within a Grid Enabled Environment Ian Grimstead
Alternative Security Architectures for e-Science Hoon Wei Lim
Can Intelligent Optimisation Techniques Improve Computing Job Scheduling In A Grid Environment? Review, Problem and Proposal Wei Huang
Preserving Scientific Data with XMLArch Carwyn Edwards
FEA of Slope Failures with a Stochastic Distribution of Soil Properties Developed and Run on the Grid Joanna Leng
On Building Trusted Digital Preservation Repositories Reagan W Moore
Application of the NERC Data Grid Metadata and Data Models in the NERC Ecological Data Grid (EcoGrid) Neil Bennett
The GridSite Proxy Delegation Service Andrew McNab
Survey of major tools and technologies for grid-enabled portal development Xiaoyu Yang
Integrating R into Discovery Net System Xinzhong Li
Cardiff University's Condor Pool: Background, Case Studies, and fEC James Osborne
A Peer-to-peer Architecture for e-Science Stratis D Viglas
GREMO: A GT4 based Resource Monitor Vijay Sahota
Evaluation of Authentication-Authorization Tools for VO Security Jake Wu
Simple Grid Access using the Business Process Execution Language Clovis Chapman
Automatic metadata capture and grid computing Martin T Dove
Automating Metadata Extraction: Genre Classification Seamus Ross
Solving Grid interoperability between 2nd and 3rd generation Grids by the integrated P-GRADE/GEMLCA portal Tamas Kiss
The Combechem MQTT Lego Microscope. A grid enabled scientific appratus demonstrator. Jamie Robinson
Dynamic Operating Policies for Commercial Hosting Environments J Slegers and C Smith
A framework for Grid-based fault detection in an automated laboratory robot system Christopher Foulston
Deciding semantic matching of stateless services Evgeny Zolin
Distributed, high-performance earthquake deformation analysis and modelling facilitated by Discovery Net Vasa Curcin
'SED Service': Science Application based on Virtual Observatory Technology Paresh Prema
Topology-aware Fault-Tolerance in Service-Oriented Grids Paul Townend
Alternative interfaces for OWL ontologies Hai wang
Constructing Chained Molecular Dynamics Simulations of HIV-1 Protease Using the Application Hosting Environment Kashif Sadiq
PRATA: A System for XML Publishing, Integration and View Maintenance Shuai Ma
Research Methods for Eliciting e-Research User Requirements Florian Urmetzer
A generic approach to High Performance Visualization enabled Augmented Reality Chris J Hughes
Modelling Rail Passenger Movements through e-Science Methods Jeremy Cohen
Incorporating Simulation Data into the Virtual Observatory Laurie Shaw
CIMA: Common Instrument Middleware Architecture Peter Turner


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