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Birds of a Feather Session: UK National Grid Service User Forum BOF

Date: Wednesday 20th September 2006, 17:00 - 19:00 Venue: Conference Room 2

Contact : Andrew Richards, CCLRC RAL (a.j.richards@rl.ac.uk)
Neil Geddes, CCLRC RAL (n.i.geddes@rl.ac.uk)

BOF Chair: Andrew Richards

Summary :

The UK National Grid Service (NGS) has been in production service since September 2004. Through NGS User Forums the NGS aims to interact with all members of the community, including new users, current users, existing and potential service providers and system builders and developers, in order to understand their requirements, such that the service can be further developed into the future.

The schedule for the user forum will cover the current status of the NGS and an overview of the achievements made since the start of the service in April 2004. The event will also cover the plans for the rollout of the second phase of the NGS. The schedule will also allow sufficient time for open discussion on any issues and a chance to survey users' requirements in order to further develop the NGS interfaces.

Intended Audience:

The intended audience for this event are current and potential users of the NGS who wish to discuss the current state of the NGS and learn about, and influence, its future direction. By "users" here we mean both end users who directly use the standard NGS interfaces and developers who are building applications and services that use NGS resources for the benefit of a larger community.

The NGS User Forum is also open to representatives from sites that are considering joining the NGS and who wish to better understand the implications, benefits and process.

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