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Data Mining and Management on the Grid and Supercomputers (DMMGS06)

Dealing with the massive quantity and diversity of data generated by research and industry presents one of the defining challenges to data mining. The huge size of many databases together with online documents presents an opportunity to discover previously unobserved patterns. There is now widespread recognition that it is possible to extract previously unknown knowledge from large datasets using machine learning techniques. For this reason there is a growing body of research concerned with the use of parallel and grid computing for data mining. The challenge is not only algorithmic but also the management of the large amounts of associated data.

The workshop is targeted at people actively involved in data mining on the Grid, either as users, developers or project managers. It will bring together developers and potential users of Data Mining tools and applications to explore the opportunities and challenges of data discovery via the Grid and Supercomputing resources, and to discuss how the considerable UK strength in Data Mining can be effectively applied in this exciting new environment.

The workshop is intended to address the following issues:

  • Investigating Data Management issues for processing large datasets on Grid
  • Applying Data Mining to new scientific domains and application areas
  • Deploying Data Mining techniques on the Grid and Supercomputing environments
  • Developing new techniques and algorithms suitable for Grid and Supercomputing resources
  • Evaluating system usability and system performance in Pattern Matching Techniques

Mini-Workshop Presentations

The mini-workshop will comprise contributed presentations (20 mins.), which are invited from members of the computing and science communities engaged in any aspect of data mining and data management within Grid and Supercomputing. Full details of the submission process can be found at the AHM2006 web site www.allhands.org.uk and submission should state that the paper is for the workshop entitled: “Data Mining on the Grid and Supercomputers”. There will be proceedings for the conference, which will be provided in CD format with an ISBN number. Informal enquiries about the mini-workshop can be directed to Dr. Firat Tekiner (Firat.Tekiner@manchester.ac.uk).


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