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Network Connectivity Advice for Exhibitors

This information is intended for exhibitors and presenters for delegate network conectivity advice please see: Network Connectivity Advice for Delegates

Exhibition Area

Each booth in the Banqueting Suite will be provided with a 100Mbps uplink to the campus network and a 100Mbps 24-port Ethernet switch. Cables to connect your systems to the switch can be supplied if you require them. Please let us know beforehand how many you will require.

Systems should be configured to obtain their IP address automatically. DHCP servers should respond to all requests for IP addresses. IP addresses will be dynamically allocated within the Class C subnets,, and There is no restriction on outgoing connections to the internet using these IP addresses, but incoming connections from the Internet are blocked.

A small range of fixed IP addresses are available for servers that need incoming connections. Please contact us before coming to the conference if you need this (see Contacts below) to obtain configuration details.


In addition to the switches provided above and wired datapoints, wireless networking is available at all locations within EMCC. The access points used are Cisco 1100 and will support 802.11b (11Mbps) and 802.11g (54Mbps) standards.

DHCP servers should respond to all requests for IP addresses and give the correct gateway, DNS server information etc.

The access points will broadcast the SSID of “conference” and will not use WEP. It is therefore, highly insecure. Use it at your own risk.

Please ensure that any wireless adaptors are configured for “infrastructure mode” and not set to “ad hoc” mode. It would be advisable to disable your wireless adaptor if you are using a wired data point for connecting to the network.

Please fill in the MAC address registration form available the conference reception or by browsing to


if you are going to use wireless. This will help us to find an infected system quickly should there be problems.

JANET access from EMCC

Multicast is enabled for this part of the network. PIM sparse-mode is used on campus, EMMAN and JANET.

There will be a default-deny policy in force on the University firewall which will prevent incoming connections to the conference systems. If you require incoming connection to a system please contact us before coming to the conference so that we can allocate a fixed IP address and put a rule in the firewall to allow incoming connections through to it. Outgoing connections from systems in the EMCC will be permitted through the firewall although there may be some specific blocks in place for ports that are known to be used by viruses.

You may use the University mail relay for sending outgoing email. The name is smtp.nottingham.ac.uk


It is inevitable that there will be problems with viruses. To minimise the risks, it is therefore essential that all systems brought to the conference are fully patched and have up to date antivirus protection software installed. It is also recommended that systems are equipped with their own personal firewalls configured to deny all incoming connections except any required for the conference. Any infected systems found on the network will be disconnected.

Halls of Residence

For delegates staying in Halls, access to the internet is available by connecting to the 10 Mbps UTP data point in each bedroom. Here a DHCP request will be satisfied with a private 10.3.x.y IP address. Internet access is via an ISP connection not JANET. Once again, no registration is necessary for the duration of the conference. Note that incoming connections from the Internet are not possible to systems in Halls because of the private IP addresses used.

Network Connections

Other than for systems being provided with connections in the booths, please ensure that you bring with your system the network cable. You will need this if you want to connect in the Halls or to datapoints within EMCC. All datapoints in the EMCC should be live and have a blue spot attached. Some datapoints are 10Mbps only, but most are dual-speed and set to autonegotiate between 10/100Mbps and full/half duplex. Configure your Ethernet adaptor to autonegotiate.


If you have questions before the conference, please contact us by email to network-support@nottingham.ac.uk, or by telephone to Phil Harrison (0115 9513314) or Shafiq Ahmed (0115 9513342).

If you have questions or problems during the conference, please contact us via the conference registration desk.
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