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Building Usable Systems for the Global Environment

Call for Papers

A number of major UK projects are are now deploying systems for operational and scientific use. These projects are generally aimed at providing a complete solution for their specific domains providing capabilities to meet the user science demands of their communities.

Further these UK projects exist in a global environment, where access and interoperability with similar domain projects and implementations in other countries or regions is vital to ensure full scientific functionality for their UK end science user base.

At AHM2006 a BoF was held to explore the key issues confronting these major projects - see http://www.allhands.org.uk/2006/programme/BoFs/usystems.html. It was apparent that there were a number of areas where the varying projects were having to grapple with similar problems, and in some areas developing similar solutions.

This call invites original papers outlining examples of sharing of techniques and solutions across domains helping to ensure that their systems are'Usable' to their communities.

Specific areas of interest include:
  1. Defining domain specific interoperability standards, how communities have organised, and agree high level interoperability standards, against which projects can develop functional implementations.
  2. Approaches taken by domain specific projects in determining which services they should develop and provide internally, and which should be developed and/or provided by the base e-infrastructure projects. Which extra challenges are presented when having to interface to the wider world.
  3. Use of common cross domain standards and middle-ware components.
  4. System design to allow transparent end user access to partner project data and applications, both UK based and across national boundaries.
  5. Design and operation of usable and sustainable systems to allow for secure and authorised inter-operation between UK eScience systems and global partner projects.
  6. Examples of scientific usage of UK projects where specific access to partner project data and applications has been facilitated by use of interoperability standards.
  7. Consideration of deployment of the usable system, addressing the interface to both UK and non-UK production grid resources.
Format of the Workshop

The workshop will take the form of a mini-symposium with one invited keynote talk and up to 6 submitted talks. Presentations should be planned on the assumption that a slot will be 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion, although the organizers may allocate a shorter or longer slot to accepted papers.


Proceedings will be published as part of the AHM proceedings CD with ISBN.

How to submit your paper

All submissions should be made electronically using the online form at the AHM 2007 web site ( http://www.allhands.org.uk ) in the same way as for conference paper submissions. During submission you can specify that you wish it to be considered for the 'Building Usable Systems for the Global Environment' workshop. High quality workshop papers that are judged to be unsuitable for the workshop to which they are submitted will automatically be considered as regular papers.

Format of submissions

Submitted papers should be up to eight pages in length, in 10 point text. A two-column format is preferred for the workshop proceedings. Formatting guidelines are at the Allhands Web site.

Refereeing of submissions

Papers will be refereed by a minimum of two referees, who will normally be members of the Workshop program committee and/or of the AHM program committee.

Key Dates
  • Paper submission deadline: 16th April, 2007
  • Notice of acceptance or otherwise: 14th May, 2007
  • Final papers due: TBA
  • Presentations (powerpoint or PDF) to local organizers: TBA
Usable Systems Symposium Program Committee

James Brenton, CancerGrid, Cancer Research UK, Cambridge

Peter Coveney, Reality Grid, University College London

Tony Doyle, GridPP, University of Glasgow

Martin Dove, eMinerals, University of Cambridge

Mark Hayes, Cambridge eScience Centre, University of Cambridge

Sharon Lloyd, Integrative Biology, University of Oxford

Peter Maccullum, CancerGrid, University of Cambridge

Robin Middleton, EGEE, RAL, CCLRC/STFC

Steve Newhouse, OMII Director, University of Southampton

Keith Noddle, AstroGrid, University of Leicester

Andy Parker, Cambridge eScience Centre, University of Cambridge

David Wallom, Oxford eScience Centre, Univsity of Oxford

Nicholas Walton, IoA, Cambridge


Dr Nicholas A Walton Institute of Astronomy
University of Cambridge
Madingley Road
Cambridge, CB3 0HA





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