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We have to Talk about Metadata


Abstract Submission Deadline: 16th April 2007

Workshop Coordinators: Neil Chue Hong, Jano van Hemert, Paul Millar


The Grid provides us with the ability to create a vastly different model of data integration and management allowing support for dynamic, late-binding access to distributed, heterogenous data resources; diverse replication capabilities; and integration of legacy storage systems. However the opportunities to exploit these new methods also produce many issues and open questions. In particular, different attitudes and misconceptions towards the management of metadata abound and it can be difficult to identify clear strategies and tools for the handling of metadata at many different levels, from service discovery to semantic integration.

This workshop will bring together eScience developers and end-users to present and disseminate the current status of approaches to metadata handling, examining commonalities at the technology, interface and schema level, and ensure best practice is recorded and disseminated to the eScience community.

Papers on Metadata management issues, best practice, and research are invited, especially with a focus on the following topics:

  • Common requirements on metadata to support data integration
  • Authentication and Authorisation issues pertaining to metadata
  • Experiences of transferring approaches for metadata handling between communities
  • The current challenges in managing metadata
  • Tracking of provenance in the context of metadata
  • Approaches of binding metadata to data
  • Novel approaches to managing metadata, e.g. using RESTful interfaces
  • Architectural issues preventing seamless management of data and metadata
  • Use of Web Services / Semantic Web standards to assist distributed metadata management
  • Currently available solutions and success stories
  • Review of missing tools and technologies

Presentation length will be dependent on number of submissions but is likely to be roughly 20 minutes.


To ensure a uniformly high quality of presentations, all mini-workshop papers will be subjected to the same reviewing procedure as regular AHM papers. Papers should be submitted through the regular online submission system at http://www.allhands.org.uk and marked for consideration of the "We have to talk about Metadata" mini-workshop.

All mini-workshop papers will be subject to the same reviewing procedure as regular AHM submissions. During submission you can specify that you wish it to be considered for the Metadata workshop. High quality workshop papers that are judged to be unsuitable for the workshop to which they are submitted will automatically be considered as regular papers.

To submit abstracts to this mini-workshop please go to the submissions page at the AHM website (http://www.allhands.org.uk/news/paper_submissions.cfm), which includes details of how to format your submission.

Deadline for submission is 16th April 2007.

Name, Affiliation and Contact Details of the Organiser:

Neil Chue Hong,
The University of Edinburgh
Mayfield Road

Tel: 0131 650 5957
Fax: 0131 650 6555
Email: N.ChueHong@epcc.ed.ac.uk


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