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Issues in Ontology Development and Use

Call for Papers

As semantic technologies begin to be taken up and used seriously within different fields of research, they are reaching a critical phase in their development. There are serious challenges to be addressed if they are to deliver the promise of semantic integration of distributed digital resources. Preliminary investigations of the issues surrounding the development and use of ontologies suggest that the e-Science community is now stumbling across a whole range of issues which first surfaced within software engineering twenty (or more) years ago.

The aim of this workshop is bring together ontology users, domain experts, ontology developers and tool developers, members of the ontology standards, and library and information sciences communities to share experiences of this key technology for e-Science and explore how problems that are beginning to emerge might be addressed.

Possible topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • methods and tools for knowledge elicitation and representation, including user participatory approaches
  • managing change and evolution in requirements and use
  • designing for scalability and re-use
  • standards and guidelines for maintainability
  • ontology languages, tools and infrastructure
  • socio-political dynamics arising from the interplay between the increasing formalisation of shared knowledge and the practices of scientific research.
Submission requirements

Prospective participants are required to submit an 8 page paper in the All Hands format. Submissions will be reviewed by the All Hands Programme Committee.

Details of submission formats and procedures can be found at http://www.allhands.org.uk

Submission deadlines

The deadline for submission is 16 th April.

Workshop organisers

Rob Procter, Yuwei Lin, Alex Voss, National Centre for e-Social Science, University of Manchester

Dave Randall, Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University

John Rooksby, Computing Department, Lancaster University

Wes Sharrock, Department of Sociology, University of Manchester

Jenny Ure, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

For more information, email Rob Procter at rob.procter@ncess.ac.uk


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