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Theme Issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A:
Crossing Boundaries: Computational Science, E-Science and Global E-Infrastructure

Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2008
Edited by P V Coveney and M P Atkinson

Early online access to the published proceedings is expected in April/ May 2009; the full online and printed versions are scheduled to appear within Volume 367, issue nos 1897 & 1898, in June/July 2009.

    Volume I

  1. Sector and Sphere: The Design and Implementation of a High Performance Data Cloud
    Gu, Yunhong; Grossman, Robert
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  2. GridPP - The UK Grid for Particle Physics
    Britton, David; Cass, Anthony; Clarke, Peter; Coles, Jeremy; Colling, David; Doyle, Anthony; Geddes, Neil; Gordon, John; Jones, Roger; Kelsey, David; Lloyd, Steve; Middleton, Patrick, Glenn; Robin; Sansum, Andrew; Pearce, Sarah
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  3. Louisiana : A Model for Advancing Regional e-Research through Cyberinfrastructure
    Katz, Daniel; Allen, Gabrielle; Cortez, Ricardo; Cruz-Neira, Carolina; Gottumukkala, Raju; Greenwood, Zeno; Guice, Les; Jha, Shantenu; Kolluru, Ramesh; Kosar, Tevfik; Leger, Lonnie; Liu, Honggao; McMahon, Charlie; Nabrzyski, Jarek; Rodriguez-Milla, Bety; Seidel, Ed; Speyrer, Greg; Stubblefield, Michael; Voss, Brian; Whittenburg, Scott
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  4. Building a scientific data grid with DiGS
    Beckett, Mark; Allton, Chris; Davies, Christine; Davis, Ilan; Flynn, Jonathan; Grant, Eilidh; Hamilton, Russell; Irving, Alan; Kenway, Richard; Ostrowski, Radosław; Perry, James; Trew, Arthur
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  5. Flexible Selection of Heterogeneous and Unreliable Services in Large Scale Grids
    Stein, Sebastian; Payne, Terry; Jennings , Nicholas
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  6. Standards Based Network Monitoring for the Grid
    Nowell, Jeremy; Kavoussanakis, Kostas; Palansuriya, Charaka; Piotrowski, Michal; Scharinger, Florian; Graham, Paul; Dobrzelecki, Bartosz; Trew, Arthur
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  7. The Archaeotools project: faceted classification and natural language processing in an archaeological context
    Jeffrey, Stuart; Richards, Julian; Ciravegna, Fabio; Waller, Stewart; Chapman, Sam; Zhang, Ziqi
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  8. Integrating OGSA-DAI with computational Grid workflows
    Kukla, Tamas; Kiss, Tamas; Kacsuk, Peter; Terstyanszky, Gabor
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  9. Improved Performance Control on the Grid
    Tellier, Matthew; Riley, Graham; Freeman, Len
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  10. Novel Submission Modes for Tightly Coupled Jobs Across Distributed Resources for Reduced Time-to-Solution
    Chakraborty, Promita; Jha, Shantenu; Katz, Daniel
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  11. Real Science at the Petascale
    Saksena, Radhika; Boghosian, Bruce; Fazendeiro, Luis; Kenway, Owain; Manos, Steven; Mazzeo, Marco; Sadiq, Kashif; Suter, James; Wright, David; Coveney, Peter
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  12. Enabling Cutting-Edge Semiconductor Simulation through Grid Technology
    Reid, Dave; Millar, Campbell; Roy, Scott; Roy, Gareth; Sinnott, Richard; Stewart, Gordon; Stewart, Graeme; Asenov, Asen
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  13. UKQCD software for Lattice QCD
    UKQCD Collaboration: Boyle, Peter; Kenway, Richard; Maynard, Christopher
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  14. Adaptive Distributed Replica-Exchange Simulations
    Luckow, Andre; Jha, Shantenu; Kim, Joohyun; Merzky, Andre; Schnor, Bettina
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  15. High Performance Computing for Monte Carlo Radiotherapy Calculations
    Downes, Patrick; Yaikhom, Gagarine; Giddy, Jonathan; Walker, David; Spezi, Emiliano; Lewis, Geraint
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  16. Volume II

  17. Multi-objective Optimization of GENIE Earth System Models
    Price, Andrew; Myerscough, Richard; Voutchkov, Ivan; Marsh, Robert; Cox, Simon
    [View Abstract]
  18. Bringing Simulation to Engineers in the Field: A Web 2.0 Approach
    Haines, Robert; Khan, Kashif; Brooke, John
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  19. The OptIPuter Microsopy Demonstrator - enabling science through a transatlantic lightpath
    Ellisman, Mark; Hutton, Tom; Kirkland, Angus; Lin, Abel; Lin, Chao; Molina, Tom; Peltier, Steve; Singh, Raj; Tang, Kang; Trefethen, Anne; Wallom, David; Xiong, Xin
    [View Abstract]
  20. Adaptation and development of software simulation methodologies for cardiovascular engineering: present and future challenges from and end-user perspective
    Diaz-Zuccarini, Vanessa; Narracott, Andrew; Hose, Rod; Zervides, Constantinos; Jones, David; Lawford, Patricia; Rafiroiu, Dan; Burriesci, Gaetano
    [View Abstract]
  21. Using high resolution displays for high resolution cardiac data
    Goodyer, Christopher; Hodrien, John; Wood, Jason; Kohl, Peter; Brodlie, Kenneth
    [View Abstract]
  22. Federating Distributed Clinical Data for the Prediction of Adverse Hypotensive Events
    Stell, Anthony; Sinnott, Richard; Jiang, Jipu; Donald, Rob; Piper, Ian
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  23. HIV Decision Support: From Molecule to Man
    Sloot, Peter; Coveney, Peter; Ertaylan, Gökhan; Müller, Viktor; Boucher, Charles; Bubak, Marian
    [View Abstract]
  24. 2A Computational Grid Framework for Immunological Applications
    Halling-Brown, Mark; Moss, David; Sansom, Clare; Shepherd, Adrian
    [View Abstract]
  25. Information Security - Where Computer Science, Economics and Psychology Meet
    Anderson, Ross; Moore, Tyler
    [View Abstract]
  26. Data protection in grid-based multicentric clinical trials: killjoy or confidence-building measure?
    Arning, Marian; Forgó, Nikolaus; Krügel,Tina
    [View Abstract]
  27. Engineering Design Optimisation using Services and Workflows
    Crick, Thomas; Dunning, Peter; Kim, Hyunsun; Padget, Julian
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  28. A User-Orientated Approach to Provenance Capture and Representation for in silico Experiments: Explored within the Atmospheric Chemistry Community
    Martin, Chris; Haji, Mohammed; Dew, Peter; Pilling, Michael; Jimack, Peter
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  29. AMUC: Associated Motion Capture User Categories
    Norman, Sally Jane; Lawson, Sian E. M.; Olivier, Patrick; Watson, Paul; Chan, Anita M-A.; Dade-Robertson, Martyn; Dunphy, Paul; Green, Dave; Hiden, Hugo; Hook, Jonathan; Jackson, Daniel G.
    [View Abstract]
  30. Modelling and simulation for e-Social Science
    Townend, Paul; Xu, Jie; Birkin, Mark; Turner, Andy; Wu, Belinda
    [View Abstract]
  31. Dancing on the Grid: Using e-Science tools to extend choreographic research
    Bailey, H.; Bachler, M.; Buckingham Shum, S.; Le Blanc, A.; Popat, S.; Rowley, A. ; Turner, M.
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