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Theme 5: Sharing and Collaboration

Led by Dave de Roure

The social process of science is evolving as the traditional scholarly knowledge cycle is supplemented by new collaborative tools and as new artefacts of digital research are emerging.  How do we share these new digital objects?  How do we support the individual researcher and the huge multidisciplinary teams, and the new practices of data-intensive research? Sharing and collaboration are crucial through the research lifecycle - from the discovery of data and methods, their sharing in the process of research, the subsequent publication and then curation and reuse? 

This theme encompasses the emerging tools and practices for sharing and collaboration as we move forward in e-Research. It includes established collaborative tools, such as portals and access grid, but particularly looks to the uptake of Web 2.0 technologies as we explore an emerging "Research 2.0" - how well do the tools and techniques of web 2.0 actually meet the requirements for researchers, and what new tools are being developed? Coupled with the mechanisms for sharing we must also understand the reasons and challenges - for example reputation, credit, attribution, licensing and flow of intellectual property and rights. How do the new tools and practices impact the way we organise and manage our projects and collaborations, and what will life be like for next generation of researchers?