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Abstract Submission

AHM 2010 is using the EasyChair system for abstract submission.  We are asking that you submit extended abstracts (two pages of text and one page of supplementary material consisting of figures, tables).  The submission page for abstracts is now closed.

Submitting to Themes
To submit your extended abstract to a theme, please click on the following link and log-in if you already have an EasyChair username and password, or you may need to create an account:

Go to the New Submission page, where you will first be asked to list your contact details.  Then please provide us with the title of your abstract, along with a short summary abstract of no more than 400 words.  Indicate whether yours is a student submission, a poster submission only, and/or whether you would like your extended abstract to be considered for publication as a full paper in the journal (details to be announced) - you can choose more than one relevant option.   After providing at least two key words that characterise the content of your paper, you can then choose the most relevant of the six themes as a primary theme:

  • Theme 1:  Infrastructures, Systems and Tools for e-Research
  • Theme 2:  Algorithms and Data Structures for e-Research
  • Theme 3:  Applications of e-Research
  • Theme 4:  Foundations of e-Science/e-Research
  • Theme 5:  Organisation, Trust, Security and Validation
  • Theme 6:  Sharing, Collaboration and Interfaces for e-Research

You can also choose a secondary theme that relates to your subject.  Or you have the option of submitting your extended abstract as a general paper.

Finally, please upload your document onto the EasyChair system, preferably as a PDF file.   You will be able to submit your extended abstract anytime until the deadline of 7 June.  No AHM 2010 proceedings will be published, but as noted, selected papers will be published in a high quality journal.

Submission to Workshops
Please follow the same guidelines as above, with the following exceptions:  instead of choosing a theme, tick the box "Workshop submission" and ensure that you have indicated the title of the workshop you are submitting to at the top of your extended abstract before you upload it onto the EasyChair system.


If you have any questions about the submission process, please do not hesitate to contact us at