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General Chairs
Prof. Jim Austin, University of York
Prof. Jie Xu, University of Leeds

Local Arrangements Chairs
Dr. Tom Jackson, University of York
Dr. Alison Marshall, University of Leeds
Dr. Paul Townend, University of Leeds,
Dr. Aaron Turner, University of York

Programme Committee
Albert Burger, Heriot-Watt University
Alexander Voss, University of St Andrews
Anil Wipat, Newcastle University
Christopher Greenough, STFC
Daniel Katz, University of Chicago
David Abramson, Monash University
David De Roure, Oxford University
David Walker, Cardiff University
Charlie Dibsdale, Rolls-Royce
George Theodoropoulos, IBM Research
Johan Tordsson, Umea University
John Brooke, Manchester University
John Davies, University of Leeds
Jon Blower, Reading University
Karim Djemame, University of Leeds
Lee Gillam, University of Surrey
Lutz Schubert, University of Stuttgart
Malcolm Atkinson, University of Edinburgh
Maozhen Li, Brunel University
Mike Jones, Manchester University
Neil Chue Hong, University of Edinburgh
Neil Geddes, STFC
Nicholas Walton, Cambridge University
Omer Rana, Cardiff University
Paul Watson, Newcastle University
Pete Burnap, Cardiff University
Peter Dew, University of Leeds
Richard Sinnott, Glasgow University
Rob Proctor, Manchester University
Ron Perrott, Queens University Belfast
Shantenu Jha, UCL
Stan Scott, Queens University Belfast
Stephen McGough, Newcastle University
Stuart Dunn, Kings College London
Theo Dimitrakos, British Telecom
Tom Jackson, University of York


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