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AHM Foundation

The UK e-Science AHM Foundation came into being to take long-term responsibility for the good governance of the succession of AHMs. Its mission is to ensure the good management and continuity of the UK e-Science AHM. It will do this by:

  • Organising financial support and administration of the AHMs or deciding that they should no longer continue.
  • Maintaining an outline plan of a sequence of AHMs – typically 2 or 3 years ahead – covering venues, overall meeting goals and appointment of the PC chair.
  • Monitoring progress of the preparation for each AHM.
  • Monitoring the success of each AHM on the basis of a report from the PC and administrative team after the meeting
  • Maintaining knowledge on how to run AHMs, so that each year’s PC has the advice from previous years, and agreements with companies and organisations can be honoured each year.
  • The AHM Foundation would conduct its business predominantly by email and tele-conference. It will meet face-to-face once per year, normally at the AHM.

For further information on the AHM Foundation please go to its wiki at