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All Hands Meeting 2009

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Formatting Guidelines

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts to AHM2009

General Information:

As last year, it is expected that key papers from the meeting will be published in two back to back editions of Philosophical Transactions A of the Royal Society. There will be no other proceedings produced. There will also be an opportunity to present your project as a 20-minute presentation at AHM2009. As there are a limited number of slots for presentations, there will be a selection process.

  • Proposers are therefore being asked to submit abstracts (see definition below) rather than full papers. Note that this year the length of the abstract has been increased to 3 pages.
  • You can select whether you want your abstract to be considered for inclusion in Phil. Trans A or not. If accepted for inclusion you will need to produce a paper which goes through a further refereeing process. (See below.)
  • You can choose to submit you abstract for consideration only as a poster.
  • You can select whether you are submitting your abstract as part of a theme or not, and will be able to choose a second theme option.
  • You can choose to submit your paper for consideration for the Tony Hey best student paper prize. This requires the student to be the first named author.
  • Submitted abstracts will be selected for inclusion in AHM2009 by the AHM2009 Programme Committee for:
    • Invitation to submit a full paper for inclusion in the Phil Trans A Special Issue and inclusion as a presentation or
    • Inclusion as a presentation only or
    • Inclusion as a poster only or
    • Not suitable for inclusion.

Talks and posters will appear in electronic format on the conference web pages. Submission of abstracts will be on-line at

And for those abstracts selected to become papers in Phil Trans A:

This will be published when we have an agreed publication date for the special edition.


  • The submission should be no more than 2 A4 page of text or up to three pages if it includes diagrams, tables and references, with the extra space devoted to these and any captions.
  • Font size should be no smaller than 10 pt Times New Roman. With 2.5cm margins, one page of A4 text is around 900 words.
  • Anyone submitting an abstract for consideration for publication in Phil Trans A should assume that they will need the full two pages of text to describe their work convincingly.
  • All diagrams and tables should be positioned in their proper place in relation to the text, ensuring that the total contribution does not exceed 3 pages.
  • As these abstracts will not be published in a proceedings, authors are free to choose the layout (columnar, full page) for their document. However the following information must be included in the document:
    • Title
    • Author(s) and their institution(s)
    • Where the document is more than 1 page, headers and footers giving the abstract title and ‘page x of y’ information for easy identification of every page.
  • Documents should be submitted in PDF format only.

Enquiries: Please address any enquiries about abstract submission to