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Call for Papers


OMII-UK was formed in January 2006 as a partnership between the existing OMII activity at the University of Southampton, and software activities at the University of Manchester within the myGrid project and the OGSA-DAI project at the National e Science Centre and EPCC. OMII-UK aims to provide software and support to enable a sustained future for the UK e-Science community and its international collaborators – www.omii.ac.uk .

The OMII-UK collaboration delivers software (e-infrastructure services and tools) that enables researchers to start using similarly enabled remote data and compute resources to support their work. These components can be downloaded individually directly from the development websites, our own repository, or as a packaged and integrated release. It is our vision that these components will provide working solutions to the community rather than toolkits that need further integration effort.

Following on from last year’s successful workshop at AHM2006 (www.omii.ac.uk/wiki/STAFFAHM2006Workshop) a second workshop at AHM2007 will bring together both the OMII-UK user and developer communities. We are seeking papers and presentations relating to:

  • the use of OMII-UK software to support applied science communities
  • the development of software to support end-user communities using OMII-UK software as a base
  • the end-user functionality being developed within the OMII-UK commissioned software programme

To ensure a uniformly high quality of presentations, all mini-workshop papers will be subjected to the same reviewing procedure as regular AHM papers. Papers should be submitted through the regular online submission system at http://www.allhands.org.uk and marked for consideration of the "OMII-UK mini-workshop".

All mini-workshop papers will be subject to the same reviewing procedure as regular AHM submissions. During submission you can specify that you wish it to be considered for the OMII-UK workshop. High quality workshop papers that are judged to be unsuitable for the workshop to which they are submitted will automatically be considered as regular papers.

To submit abstracts to this mini-workshop please go to the submissions page at the AHM website (http://www.allhands.org.uk/news/paper_submissions.cfm), which includes details of how to format your submission. Deadline for submission is 16th April 2007.

Contact: June Finch (june.finch@manchester.ac.uk)

Organising Committee: June Finch, Tim Parkinson & Neil Chue Hong.


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