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Poster Session

The poster session for AHM 2010 will be held in the National Museum Cardiff as part of a drinks reception on the night of 14 September, from 18:30 - 21:00.  The following posters will be presented at the session (please see the museum floor plan and poster reference sheet at the bottom of this page):

1) Jinv: A Parallel Method for Distributed Matrix InversionVijay Sahota and Richard Bayford

2) A Framework of Guidance for Building Grids within Science.  Will Venters and Tony Cornford

3)  Digging into Image Data to Answer Authorship-Related Questions.  Michael Meredith and Peter Ainsworth

4)  A Framework for Collaborative Treatment and Learning of Psychiatric Conditions using SPECT ImagesJeyarajan Thiyagalingam, Anne Trefethen, Nadarajah Jehaanandan and Sobhan Vinjamuri

5)  Managing and Integrating Multiple Taxonomic Trees in a Biodiversity Informatics e-Infrastructure.  Hardik Raja, Jonathan Giddy, Richard White, Andrew Jones and Alex Hardisty

6)  The CARMEN Virtual Laboratory: data, metadata, services and workflows for neuroscience.  Mark Jessop, Michael Weeks, Martyn Fletcher, Bojian Liang, Tom Jackson, Jim Austin, Hugo Hiden, Leslie Smith and Colin Ingram

7)  Visualizing and Analyzing Trends in Heterogeneous Data SourcesSuvodeep Mazumdar and Daniela Petrelli

8)  An e-Research Infrastructure for Language and Literature Research.  Muhammad S. Sarwar, Richard O. Sinnott, Jean Gilmour Anderson, Marc Alexander and Johanna Green

9)  Dynamic Variorum Editions.  Gregory Crane, Brian Fuchs, Bruce Robertson, Jeremy Cohen and John Darlington

10)  Data Integration and Workflows in Heliophysics.  Anja Le Blanc, John Brooke, Robert Bentley and André Csillaghy

11)  Developing a Sustainable Electronic Laboratory Notebook for EUROCHAMP-2.  Mohammed Hassan Haji, Zulkifly Mohd Zaki and Peter Dew

12)  An e-Science Infrastructure for Monitoring Electric Vehicles.  Visalakshmi Suresh, Paul Watson and Phil Blythe

13)  Stylus Pen or Finger touch: a comparative study of input devices for manual image segmentationMaria Susana Avila Garcia, Anne E. Trefethen, Michael Brady, Fergus Gleeson, Wail Ba-alawi and Manal Kalkatawi

14)  Towards Cloudy Research: a technical view.  Xiaoyu Chen, Gary Wills, Lester Gilbert and David Bacigalupo

15)  OJAX++: A Collaborative Hub for Research ActivityDave Jeffery

16)  Configuration-enabled Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management for Virtual Organisations.  Jan Muhammad and Richard O. Sinnott

17)  Push Versus Pull Models: engaging business and policy users of e-Science outputsAndy Kerr and Dave Reay

18)  Contextualising Archives with Linked GeodataJo Walsh

19)  Decide and Participate:  how can recognition of Sense Making (SM) improve information security policy design and making?  Muhammad Suid and Lizzie Coles Kemp

20)  Privacy Requirements Elicitation in E-government: A Systems Approach.  Haya Almagwashi and Alex Gray

The National Museum Cardiff is only a few minutes walk from City Hall.  Please click on the link for details about the venue:

The Origins Gallery will be open during the course of the drinks reception so that everyone can enjoy the exhibits after the poster session:

The National Museum Cardiff venue is spectacular and we hope to see you there on Tuesday night.

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