Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2004

31st August - 3rd September, Nottingham UK

Provisional Programme
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Tuesday 31 August 2004


1700 - 2100hrs Tutorial Session
  Title: OGSA-DAI Developers Tutorial
Room: Conference Room 1
  Title: Fundamental Computer Science for e-Science
Room: Conference Room 4
  Title: Storage Resource Broker Tutorial
Room: Conference Room 2
  Title: The Globus Toolkit ® Ecosystem Tutorial
Room: Conference Room 3

Wednesday 1 September 2004

0900-1230hrs Plenary Session
0900 - 0915hrs Welcome from Ron Perrott
0915 - 1000hrs Keynote talk from Tony Hey
1000 - 1100hrs Keynote talk by Sangtae Kim (NSF)
1100 - 1130hrs Coffee Break
1130 - 1230hrs Keynote Talk by Mike Brady (Oxford)
1230 - 1400hrs Lunch
1400 - 1515hrs Parallel Session 1
  Mini-Workshop: Experiences of OGSA-DAI
Room: Auditorium
Organiser: Mario Antonioletti
     Protecting Application Developers – A Client Toolkit for OGSA-DAI Tom Sugden
     Bioinformatics Data and the Grid: The GeneGrid Data Manager Noel Kelly
     FirstDIG: Data investigations using OGSA-DAI T Sloan
     Performance Analysis of the OGSA-DAI Software Mike Jackson
  Session 1.1: Sensor Arrays and Remote Sensing
Room: Conference Room 1
     Sensor Grids for Air Pollution Monitoring Mark Richards
     Distributed BioSensor systems for GM Crop Monitoring S Hassard
     Imageodesy on MPI & grid for co-seismic shift study using satellite imagery J. G. Liu
  Session 1.2: JISC Projects
Room: Conference Room 2
     Production Quality e-Science Grid Andrew Richards
     From Data Deluge to Data Curation Philip Lord
     Deploying a distributed data storage system for grid applications on the UK National Grid Service using federated SRB A.S. Manandhar
  Session 1.3: XML Technologies
Room: Conference Room 3
     Developments in BinX, the Binary XML description language Robert Carroll
     Diverse data to diverse visualization systems end to end Julian Gallop
     A Framework for Text Mining Services Ewan Klein
  Session 1.4: Resource Monitoring
Room: Conference Room 4
     Ubiquitous Grid Resource Monitoring Mark Baker
     Production services for information and monitoring in the Grid John Walk
     Grid network performance monitoring Mark Leese
1515 - 1600hrs Coffee Break
1600 - 1740hrs Parallel Session 2
  Mini-Workshop: Experience of Running Production Grid Services
Room: Auditorium
Organiser: Robin Middleton
     Resource Brokering: The EUROGRID/GRIP Approach Donal Fellows
     Leveraging UK eScience with very large Condor pools: the demand for transforming significant wasted power into results. Paul B, Wilson
     The GRIDPP Tier1 Centre Andrew Sansum
     Grid tool integration within the eMinerals project Mark Calleja
     Experience in Running LCG as a Production Grid Service Ian Bird
  Session 2.1: Provenance and Metadata
Room: Conference Room 1
     Formalising a protocol for recording provenance in Grids Paul Groth
     Use of Data Provenance and the Grid in Medical Image Analysis and Drug Discovery - An IXI Exemplar Kelvin Leung
     The myGrid Information Model Nick Sharman
     Support for Provenance in a Service-based Computing Grid Shrija Rajbhandari
  Session 2.2: Collaborative Tools and Environments
Room: Conference Room 2
     Collaborative tools in support of the eMinerals Virtual Organisation Martin Dove
     Chain ReAKTing: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Comb-e-Chem Grid David De Roure
     Introducing the Access Grid Support Centre Michael, Daw
     Paper withdrawn
  Session 2.3: Workflow Composition
Room: Conference Room 3
     Composing workflows in the environmental sciences using Inferno Jon Blower
     Automated Composition of Semantic Grid Services Shalil Majithia
     Workflow Support for Advanced Grid-Enabled Computing Fenglian, Xu
     Workflow Advisor on The Grid Max Ong
  Session 2.4: Visualisation and Steering
Room: Conference Room 4
     Grid enabled application visualisation services for Oceanographic diagnostics studies Lakshmi Sastry
     Applying the GRID to cartoon animation Paul Cockshott
     Developing a Roaming PDA-Based Interface for a Steering Client for OGSI::Lite using .Net: Practical Lessons Learned Simon P,Nee
     Important issues concerning interactive user interfaces in grid based computational steering systems Roy Kalawsky
1800 - 2200hrs Demonstrations, Poster Session & Buffet

Thursday 2 September 2004

0900 - 1000hrs Keynote talk by Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago
1000 - 1025hrs Coffee Break
1025 - 1230hrs Parallel Session 3
  Mini-Workshop: Computation Steering and Visualisation on the Grid: Pratice & Experience
Room: Auditorium
Organiser: Ian Grimstead, Steven Kenny
     The importance of locality in the visualization of large datasets John Brooke
     Visualisation on the Grid: A Web Service Approach Stuart M. Charters
     Putting Visualization First in Computational Steering Helen Wright
     Practical Tools for Computational Steering A R Porter
     gViz: Visualization and Computational Steering on the Grid Ken Brodlie
     The TeraGyroid project -- collaborative steering and visualization in an HPC grid for modelling complex fluids Jonathan Chin
  Session 3.1: Ontologies and the Semantic Grid
Room: Conference Room 1
     Designing User Interfaces to Minimise Common Errors in Ontology Development: The CO-ODE and HyOntUse Projects Matthew Horridge, Nick Drummond, Hai Wang
     Less is More: Lightweight Ontologies and User Interfaces for Smart Labs Hugo Mills
     Applying the Semantic Web to Manage Knowledge on the Grid Feng Tao
     eBank UK – linking research data, scholarly communication and learning. Simon Coles & Liz Lyon
     MIAKT: Combining Grid and Web Services for Collaborative Medical Decision Making Nigel Shadbolt
  Session 3.2: Support for Virtual Organisations
Room: Conference Room 2
     Access Control for Dynamic Virtual Organisations Duncan Russell
     Supporting Formation and Operation of Virtual Organisations in a Grid Environment J Shao
     Using the VOM portal to manage policy within Globus Toolkit, Community Authorisation Service & ICENI resources Asif Saleem
     Supporting Collaborative Virtual Organisations in the Construction Industry via the Grid Jaspreet, Singh Pahwa; Pete, Burnap
     Privacy-Enhanced Transactions for Virtual Organisations Erica Y. Yang
  Session 3.3: Data Services and Middleware
Room: Conference Room 3
     Eldas (Enterprise Level Data Access Services) Stephen Rutherford
     Three Possible Mappings for the DAIS Concepts: WS-I, WS-I plus WS-Context, and WS-RF Specifications Simon Laws
     OGSA-DAI Status Report and Future Directions Neil P. Chue Hong
     OGSA-DAI Usage Scenarios and Behaviour: Determining good practice Mario Antonioletti
     Condor services for the Global Grid: Interoperability between Condor and OGSA Clovis Chapman
  Session 3.4: Job Submission and Scheduling
Room: Conference Room 4
     AliBaBa: Running BaBar jobs on the grid using gsub Mike Jones
     A Standards Based Approach To Job Submission Through Web Services William Lee
     Workflow Enactment in ICENI Stephen McGough
     TOG and JOSH: Grid scheduling with Grid Engine and Globus T Sloan
     Performance guided scheduling in GENIE through ICENI Murtaza Gulamali
1230 - 1410hrs Lunch
1410 - 1550hrs Parallel Session 4
  Mini-Workshop: Requirements Capture and Analysis in e-Science Projects
Room: Auditorium
Organiser: Marina Jirotka
     User requirements for UK e-Science grid environments Bruce Beckles
     Enterprise specification of the NERC DataGrid Andrew Woolf
     Gathering Requirements for an Integrative Biology Project Lloyd,Sharon
     Towards Understanding Requirements for eScience: the eDiaMoND case study Marina Jirotka
  Session 4.1: Data Management and Storage I
Room: Conference Room 1
     Applying the OAIS standard to CCLRC’s British Atmospheric Data Centre and the Atlas Petabyte Storage Service Dr David Giaretta
     Deployment and Exploitation of Grid-enabled Data Management for Engineers Jasmin Wason
     Efficient Data Storage and Analysis for Generic Biomolecular Simulation Data Muan Hong Ng
     MySpace: distributed data storage for the VO Keith Noddle
  Session 4.2: Middleware and Infrastructure
Room: Conference Room 2
     Extending Globus to support Multicast Transmission Karl Jeacle
     Reliable Multicast for the Grid: a comparison of protocol implementations Marinho P. Barcellos
     Chained Negotiation for Distributed Notification Services Richard Lawley
     Removing digital certificates from the end-user’s experience of grid environments Bruce Beckles
  Session 4.3: Portals and Problem-Solving Environments I
Room: Conference Room 3
     Virtual Research in the UK: Advanced Portal Services Mark Baker
     Portal Framework for Computation within the eMinerals Project Dr R Tyer
     Building a Biodiversity Problem-Solving Environment Richard White
     GRENADE Stephen Pickles
  Session 4.4: Service-Oriented Architectures and Grids
Room: Conference Room 4
     RealityGrid: An Integrated Approach to Middleware through ICENI Anthony Mayer
     GeneGrid: A practical Workflow Implementation for a Grid Based Virtual Bioinformatics Laboratory David Simpson
     Developing LHCb Grid Software: Experiences and Advances Ian Stokes-Rees
     Service-Oriented Architecture on the Grid for FDI Integration X Ren
1550 - 1620hrs Coffee Break
1620 - 1820hrs BoFs
  BoF: Usability/Interaction in eScience
Room: Conference Room 1
  BoF: Ontologies: Applications, Requirements and Tools
Room: Conference Room 2
  BoF: Ethics Birds of a Feather Meeting
Room: Conference Room 3
  BoF: Pervasive Computing and the Grid BoF
Room: Conference Room 4
  BoF: Data Management in Environmental e-Science
Room: Auditorium
1930 - 2300hrs Themed Buffet

Friday 3 September 2004

0900 - 1040hrs Parallel Session 5
  Mini-Workshop: e-Science and Data Mining
Room: Auditorium
Organiser: Bob Mann
     The e-Science and Data Mining Special Interest Group: Launch, Aims and Preliminary Requirements Analysis Bob Mann
     Pattern Matching Against Distributed Datasets Mark Jessop
     Why Grid-based Data Mining Matters? Fighting Natural Disasters on the Grid: From SARS to Land Slides Yike Guo
     e-Science Tools for Analysing Complex Systems Olusola C, Idowu
     Mapping of Scientific Workflow within the e-Protein project to Distributed Resources Angela OBrien
     Association of variations in I kappa B-epsilon with Graves’ disease using classical and myGrid methodologies Peter Li
  Session 5.1: Algorithms and Applications
Room: Conference Room 1
     Discovery Processes in Discovery Net Jameel Syed
     Science outcomes from the use of Grid tools in the eMinerals project Stephen Wells
     A Grid Enabled Visual Tool for Time Series Pattern Match B. Liang
     The Application of Distributed Computing to the Investigation of Protein Conformational Change Christopher Woods
  Session 5.2: Information Management and Discovery
Room: Conference Room 2
     The NERC DataGrid: Googling Secure Data Bryan Lawrence
     Grid Services Supporting the Usage of Secure Federated, Distributed Biomedical Data Richard Sinnott
     Principles of Personalisation of Service Discovery Simon Miles
     Towards a grid enabled Engineering Body Scanner Kevin T W Tan
  Session 5.3: Bio-Informatics and the Grid
Room: Conference Room 3
     Developing Grid-based Systems for Microbial Genome Comparisons: The Microbase Project Anil Wipat
     Exploring Williams-Beuren Syndrome Using myGrid Robert Stevens
     Integrating Biomedical Text Mining Services into a Distributed Workflow Environment Rob Gaizauskas
     SARS Analysis on the Grid Vasa Curcin
  Session 5.4: Services and Toolkits for the Grid
Room: Conference Room 4
     CamGrid: Experiences in constructing a university-wide, Condor-based, grid at the University of Cambridge Bruce Beckles
     User Deployment of Grid Toolkits to Engineers Simon J, Cox
     Integration of chargeable Web Services into Engineering Applications M Molinari
     Recycling Services and Workflows through Discovery and Reuse Chris Wroe
1040 - 1110hrs Coffee Break
1110 - 1315hrs Parallel Session 6
  Mini-Workshop: Grid Performability Modelling and Measurement
Room: Auditorium
Organiser: Nigel Thomas
     Performance Architecture within ICENI Stephen McGough
     Optimal Tree Structures for Large-Scale Grids J. Palmer
     jGMA: A lightweight implementation of the Grid Monitoring Architecture Matthew, Grove
     Performance of a semi blind service scheduler Nigel Thomas
     Performance Modelling of a Self-adaptive and Self-optimising Resource Monitoring System for Dynamic Grid Environments Dr Stephen A, Jarvis
  Session 6.1: Healthcare and the Grid
Room: Conference Room 1
     Artificial Neural Networks in Cancer Management Robin Marshall
     Designing Grid-enabled Image Registration Services For MIAKT Yalin Zheng
     Integrative Biology - exploiting e-Science to combat fatal diseases Damian F. Mac Randal
     e-DiaMoND: challenges for the e-Scientist in the e-Health domain Sharon Lloyd
     Joining upHealth and BioInformatics: E-Science meets E-Health Alan Rector
  Session 6.2: Portals and Problem-Solving Environments II
Room: Conference Room 2
     e-HTPX – HPC, Grid and Web-Portal Technologies in High Throughput Protein Crystallography Dr David Meredith
     The CCLRC Data Portal Glen Drinkwater
     A Portlet Service Model for GECEM Maria Lin
     ReDReSS Portal Services for Awareness and Training Rob Crouchley
     The RealityGrid Web Portal Kevin Stratford
  Session 6.3: Data Management and Storage II
Room: Conference Room 3
     Replica Management Services in the European DataGrid Project David Cameron
     Tuning GENIE Earth System Model Components using a Grid Enabled Data Management System Andrew Price
     Axiope – the SASIAR approach to bioscience data management Fred Howell
     Environmental Molecular Processes: Management of Simulation Data and Annotation Lisa Blanshard
     SRB in a Production Context Peter Berrisford
  Session 6.4: Application Grids
Room: Conference Room 4
     A Grid for Particle Physics - From Testbed to Production J. Coles
     GridCast: A Service Architecture for the Broadcasting Media TJ Harmer
     FinGrid: Financial Information Grid –an ESRC e-Social Science Pilot Project for the Financial Markets K. Ahmad
     Bioinformatics Application Integration and Management in GeneGrid: Experiments and Experiences P.V. Jithesh
     Experiences in Setting up a Pan-European Datagrid using QCDgrid technology as part of the ENACTS Demonstrator Project Chris Johnson
1315 - 1445hrs Lunch
1445 - 1545hrs Keynote talk by Bob Jones (CERN)
1545 - 1615hrs Prize Draw


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