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The following posters will be presented at this years conference.

[767] Ontology Acquisition Process: A Framework for Experimenting with different NLP Techniques Ricardo Gacitua
[771] The TrustCoM General Virtual Organization Agreement Component Shirley Crompton
[775] Integrating Annotation Tools into UIMA for Interoperability Scott Piao
[783] Delivering Support Services for The National Grid Service Stephen McAllister
[803] The CARMEN e-Science pilot project: Neuroinformatics work packages. Leslie S. Smith
[808] Integration of AJAX Technologies into the MaterialsGrid Portal for Physical Properties Queries Xiaoyu Yang
[810] Accelerating Linux/Windows File Systems by Predicting Access Frequency Frank Wang
[811] Some Thoughts on Adaptive Grid-enabled Optimisation Algorithms for Wireless Network Simulation and Planning Zhihua Lai
[813] A Collaborative Orthopaedic Research Environment Simon Grange
[815] HPC Portal: a Repository of Portal Resources Xiao Dong, Wang
[817] Identity Management in a Mobile Grid Environment Tom Kirkham
[819] SRB Data Resources in Computational Grid Workflows Tamas Kiss
[821] A New Generic Data Access System for Antarctic Data Tim D Barnes
[829] A Uniform Approach to Workflow and Data Integration L Zamboulis
[834] CCPNGrid – A Portal for Biomolecular Structure Calculation from NMR Spectroscopy Data Alan da Silva
[835] Virtual Globes in an Antarctic Context Nathan Cunningham
[843] An Approach to Structured Knowledge Representation of Service-oriented Grids Pin Hu
[850] Building a Virtual Research Environment for the Humanities Ruth M, Kirkham
[852] Studying the Usability of Grids: Ethnographic Research of the UK Particle Physics Community Yingqin Zheng
[859] XtreemOS: Towards a Grid Operating System with Virtual Organisation Support Brian Matthews
[869] Principal Components Analysis of Spike Train Data: Towards an Architecture for the CARMEN Project Hugo Hiden
[870] A Distributed System for E-Support of Microarray Data Analysis and Management Geraint Barton
[878] Shibboleth Enabled Bridge to Access the National Grid Service Mike Jones
[879] ASToolkit: Web Service Wrapper for Scientific Applications Yu Chen
[883] Automatic Service Deployment Using Virtualisation Gabor Kecskemeti
[886] e-Dancing: The impact of VREs in defining new research methodologies for embodied, practice-led research in choreography and performance. Martin Turner
[891] Grid Infrastructures Supporting Paediatric Endocrinology across Europe Anthony Stell

Poster Presentations

The Poster boards will be 0.75m in width and 2m in height so all posters must be in Portrait mode only and NOT Landscape. Biggest poster can be A1, 840mm(h)x 594mm(w) and will be attached to the board with velcro.

Please note we would like to remind those presenting posters that it is the responsibility of the authors to produce and print a poster ready for display at All Hands. There are no poster printing facilities at the venue. Those presenting a poster should bring the printed poster with them to the meeting ready for the poster and demonstration session.

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