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Fifth UK e-Science All Hands Meeting

Contact: Steven Newhouse (s.newhouse@omii.ac.uk)

Chair: Steven Newhouse (s.newhouse@omii.ac.uk)

Programme Committee: Stephen Crouch (Southampton), Neil Chue Hong ( Edinburgh) & Tom Oinn (EBI)


OMII-UK was formed in January 2006 as a partnership with the OGSA-DAI team in Edinburgh and the myGrid team in Manchester joining the OMII team in Southampton. This partnership aims to be ‘a leading provider of reliable interoperable and open-source Grid middleware components services and tools to support advanced Grid enabled solutions in academia and industry’. This workshop will introduce the OMII-UK partnership, its activities and plans, and showcase a selection of the ongoing use of its software output within the UK e-Science community.

The OMII-UK collaboration will deliver a packaged, integrated, and working ‘out of the box’ set of e-Infrastructure services and tools that enables researchers to start using data and compute resources to support their work. It is our vision that these components will provide enabling technology to the research community rather than toolkits that need further development and integration effort. OMII-UK also supports applications developers who are developing ‘science gateways’ for their research discipline.

AHM2006 will see the technical preview of our first release with components from all the partners integrated within it. This workshop provides an opportunity to show the components in the release are already being used to support UK science activities.

This workshop will be of interest to the existing OMII-UK user community as a mechanism for sharing usage patterns and experiences among research disciplines; to potential new OMII-UK users it will demonstrate how our software can be used to support diverse research activities.


SESSION 1: 80 mins

  • Introduction to OMII-UK, its role in the UK’s e-Science programme, current release and future roadmap.
    • Steven Newhouse, Director
  • OMII-UK in the Life Sciences
    • Use of GridSAM to enable annotation within e-Protein
      • Speaker from Mike Sternberg’s group
    • Use of Taverna to support high-thoughput bioinformatics
      • Andy Brass's landscape genomics
    • Use of Taverna to investigate high throughput microarray analysis.
      • Katy Wolstencroft and Tom Oinn
    • OGSA-DAI in the Life Sciences
      • Hideo Matsuda

SESSION 2: 80 mins

  • OMII-UK on the NGS
    • Using OGSA-DAI to do GIS on the NGS
      • Chris Higgins of EDINA.
    • Taverna Invoking Services on the NGS as a Life Science Gateway
      • TBC
    • MANGO - Use of BPEL to coordinate workflows on GridSAM
      • Peter Burnap, Cardiff
  • What do you want?
    • Short panel with the OMII-UK, Director, Project Managers/technical leads to gather/respond to comments and request for new functionality. Chaired by Malcolm Atkinson/Carole Goble


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