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Registration is now closed!

The information below is for reference purposes only.

The registration site for AHM 2011 can be found by clicking this link

The registration fee is £245. Register early to secure your place at the conference dinner.

Registration closes on 19th September.

To ensure accommodation it is recommended to book by 12th September.

Additional Workshops

Please note that the registration form allows expression of interest in some additional workshops, but acceptance at these is subject to invitation by the workshop organisers themselves, and does not constitute an assured place until contacted by the workshop organisers.

Accommodation and Other Details

Detailed information including maps and other relevant material such as travel directions from York Station or by car will be sent out by e-mail after registration closes, i.e. 20th September.

Brief information is that the accommodation will be ensuite rooms in Derwent and Alcuin colleges at the University of York, on Campus West  with breakfast available. A free bus shuttle is provided, running from 08:30 to 09:00, in addition to an existing free shuttle will depart from Derwent College each morning to the Ron Cooke Hub on Campus East, which is the location of the conference. A free return shuttle is available at any point of the day, with additional shuttles being provided at peak times.

Note that since Campus East is very new it doesn't appear on many mapping services, nor is there a good map online that shows the relationship between Campus East and West. Directions will be provided to allow pedestrian travel between the two in the delegate packs.

Additional bus shuttles will be provided to the conference dinner, and will allow time to view some of the exhibits.

The schedule allows Monday evening and most of Tuesday evening to be free for networking, relaxation, or visits to enjoy the nightlife in York or further afield. A booklet providing information about York will be provided in the delegate packs, and it is possible to look at Visit York for more details

Accommodation is possible on Thursday evening for those staying on for additional workshops who do not wish to travel on Thursday evening. If anyone wants to use the opportunity to take a weekend break in York, further accommodation can be made available.

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