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Network Connectivity Advice for Delegates

Use of the network

You may use a laptop computer at the conference within the EMCC and in your room in Hall. You may connect using wireless in EMCC or by connecting to the datapoint on the wall in your room in Hall. Wireless connectivity is not provided in the Halls. A small number of datapoints are also available in the EMCC.

You will be able to make outgoing connections to browse the web, send email, etc. Incoming connections are not possible.

Please set your system to obtain an IP address automatically. Different subnets are used for the Halls and the EMCC. You may need to force your system to renew its IP address lease when moving between these locations.


Please ensure that you bring with your system a network cable. You will need this if you want to connect in the Halls or to a datapoint within EMCC.

Configure your Ethernet adaptor to autonegotiate its speed and duplex setting.

All datapoints in the EMCC should be live and have a blue spot attached. Some are 10Mbps only, but most are dual-speed and set to autonegotiate between 10/100Mbps and full/half duplex. Datapoints in Halls run at 10Mbps only.


If you are going to use wireless, please ensure you have supplied your laptop’s MAC address on the form provided at Registration or by browsing to http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/~cczpsh/ahm07 to allow us to quickly trace system owners in the event of problems.

Wireless connectivity is provided in all locations within EMCC. The 802.11b (11Mbps) and 802.11g (54Mbps) standards are supported. No support is provided for the 802.11a standard.

The access points will broadcast the SSID of "conference" and will not use WEP. It is therefore, highly insecure. Use it at your own risk.

Internet Connectivity

Internet access is via the JANET network for systems connecting in the EMCC and directly via an ISP link for systems connecting in the Halls.

You may use the University mail relay for sending outgoing email. The name is smtp.nottingham.ac.uk

If you have difficulty browsing the web, check that your web browser is set up to connect directly to the Internet and not use a proxy server.

There is Internet Access within the Accommodation Halls, please ask the Hall Porter for information on how to use this as this system differs from the one used at the EMCC.


It is highly likely that there will be problems with viruses. To minimise the risks, it is therefore essential that all systems brought to the conference are fully patched and have up to date anti virus protection software installed. It is also recommended that systems are equipped with their own personal firewalls configured to deny all incoming connections except any required for the conference. Any infected systems found on the network will be disconnected.


If you have problems with network connectivity during the conference please contact the reception desk who will find a University network support person to assist.

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