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UK e-Science

All Hands Meeting 2009

« Past, Present and Future »

Theme 9: Foundations of e-Science

Led by Malcolm Atkinson

e-Science is the continuous investigation of methods exploiting advances in computing to deliver improvements in the ways in which research in all fields is undertaken. These investigations should be guided by emerging principles and by recognition of what works and why it works. The advance of the understanding of the foundations of e-Science emerge in individual projects, are tested and refined across projects and are abstracted and published so that they can be appropriately used in new contexts by independent parties. Such foundations would stand the test of time, be independent of particular technologies and implementations and be worth of inclusion in e-Science education. Frequently the foundations will clarify how existing principles, mainly from computing or computational science, but also from mathematics, statistics, engineering and so forth, should be applied in a class of research contexts; in other cases the challenges thrown up by the computational support of research will require new principles and methods that warrant their own research.

The theme "Foundations of e-Science" welcomes papers proposing such foundations, papers articulating hypotheses about the form of such foundations and research that is expected to lead to their discovery.