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Theme 3: Applications of e-Research

Chair: Omer Rana (Cardiff University)
Co-Chairs: Daniel Katz (University of Chicago, USA) and Shantenu Jha (Louisiana State University, USA)

This Theme solicits research contributions and case studies that demonstrate the development, deployment, use and commercialisation of e-Research applications. Authors are encouraged to describe their application, the novelty of their approach, results that demonstrate usage/benefit and the current (or possible) user base of their application.

Applications that demonstrate concurrent use of e-Research infrastructure (such as made available through initiatives such as the National Grid Service, DAS III, Grid 5000, Vienna Grid, EGEE/EGI, TeraGrid, OSG, PRAGMA, etc) are especially welcome. Authors are, in this case, encouraged to report on lessons learned and “what to avoid” in their contributions. Contributions that describe and document interactions with infrastructure managers in deploying and using applications, and overall lessons learned from this experience, are welcome.

Contributions that provide general coverage of a development tool or programming approach are not encouraged for this Theme. It is essential that contributions provide a description of the application (or application domain).

Topics (this list is intended to be indicative rather than exhaustive):

  • Application Case Studies
     - Arts and Humanities
     - Computational Science and Engineering (covering various domains, for example, BioSciences, Earth Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry Finance, Econometrics)
  • Application Development Environments
  • Programming Models and Abstractions for applications
  • Application Modelling and Simulation Environments
  • Developing "Dynamic" (Adaptive) Applications and Tuning Strategies