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Along with theme sessions, AHM 2010 will host workshop sessions.  Workshops focus on a particular topic and bring together a number of presenters in a panel or mini-symposium format. These sessions will run in parallel with other conference sessions.  Please click on the links provided to navigate to the workshop websites for further information:

  • Security and Privacy in Collaborative Working ( - led by Pete Burnap
  • Research Clouds: Hype or Reality? ( - led by Lee Gillam
  • Resource-Independent Execution Support on Tera-Scale Systems ( - led by Lutz Schubert
  • Enhancing Community Intelligence for e-Science ( - led by Alex Voss
  • Software Sustainability:  Stories and Strategies (website available shortly) - led by Neil Chue Hong
  • The Social Shaping of Technology? Understanding Socio-Technical Change (website available shortly) - led by Tim Webmoor.  This workshop will be in the form of a panel discussion, and hence abstracts for formal presentation will not be accepted (please see the website for details regarding participation).

The Abstracts pages provide information to those who wish to submit an extended abstract to workshops listed above.